Junketsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 6: Would you rather be Foolish and Pure or Corrupt and Powerful?

Junketsu no Maria- Maria the Virgin Witch evil bishop

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There really shouldn’t be that much shame and sensationalism about someone’s sexual experience or lack thereof. It must be so annoying for Maria to have the entire world care so much about her virginity, as if it was not enough for her servants to be aware of it, the Archangel Michael is giving her trouble because of it and now even the local Bishop and Mercenaries are aware of it. The god damn show is named after her virginity, for shame leave the poor girl alone.  She should be allowed to decide who she loses her virginity too, even worse that this episode comes out so close after Valentines day. Even a witch should have the freedom of deciding who she first dabbles into womanhood with.

Junketsu no Maria- Maria the Virgin Witch sudden hug

I think the most ridiculous event by far this episode was the bishop reaction to learning of Maria’s sexual status. I can understand how cruel and ironic it could sound for a monk to hear of a witch that is named Maria and is still a virgin, but for a monk to go completely crazy and lose his mind laughing like that, you need some good reason. The guy is so serious and devout that he hardly ever crack a smile or any sign of emotion, yet now we see him start laughing like a maniac? I know you need to be a little bit insane to be a monk in the first place, but this guy really shouldn’t be held as an example and missionary of God. If anything the bishop is more of a sociopath than anything else.

Junketsu no Maria- Maria the Virgin Witch losing his mind

If the bishop is a fail servant of god, Ezekiel certainly isn’t doing a much better job at it. For someone who is a direct proxy of the Archangel Michael, she sure doesn’t have much faith in God’s way. She understand the power of God, she understand her role and what she is, yet she can’t do otherwise than question everything she sees. Archangel Micheal should have created a dumb proxy, not an intelligent one, dumb people don’t question the authority and their ethics, but this girl sure is. At this point Ezekiel is simply pressured into doing her job, but really she doesn’t have any reason to do it. What do you think will happen to her once she completes her mission? She will just be disposed of by Archangel Michael. If that little dovey enjoys life, it is actually in her best interest to turn a blind eye to Maria and try to drag on her mission as much as possible.

Junketsu no Maria- Maria the Virgin Witch Ezekiel

Everything seems to turn around two things in this anime, it is all about religion and Maria’s virginity. I must admit that it is rather difficult to make a choice on each camp I want to bet on here. Maria is a bit foolish and innocent, while the Church is straight up evil and manipulating the population. I’m very interested to see the outcome of every event in Junketsu no Maria, but I still have yet to find a side I want to side with. I need more time to figure out who I am supposed to root for.

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