Junketsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 7: Maria and Joseph, the Foolish couple

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch Joseph

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Wow, episode 7 already? Time goes by so quickly I feel the winter season just started. Not such a bad thing if it goes by quickly though, seeing how pitiful the new shows are. Maria the Virgin Witch is by far the best thing to come out this season, but I feel I’ve said this a lot already and that I should stop rambling so much. Something else I’ve already mentioned a lot, is how stupid little Maria is. That girl is so stubborn, even a boar would stop doing such harsh decisions. Some would say she is courageous, other would say she is dumb and some more would claim she is pure. I, myself, like to believe she is just very stupid. I’m all for war on religion and showing the big guy who’s boss, but she really isn’t in such a great position of power to play on her own term here.

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch Maria hurt

That witch needs to calm down, otherwise the next time Ezekiel won’t miss, or Viv won’t be there to protect her from being raped, or the best nurse around won’t be there to give her proper medication. She is lucky to be of such interest for all those other witch, because otherwise she would have been dead at this point. Life is short, life is complicated, there is virtue in living your life the way you want it lived, but there is also virtue in living life…like at all.

Now, I have something that will blow your mind (if you are as clueless and dumb as me that is). You know how our main protagonist is named Maria? you know how she happens to have the same name and virginal status as the symbol of Christianity? Well guess what, she’s in love with a man named Joseph. Mind Blow! Right?…What is that? You already figured that one out 7 episodes ago? I was the only one daft enough not to realize it? Better late than never right?

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch witch party

Nevertheless, you gotta be jealous of Joseph. The guy just walked into a room full of naughty, drunk and pretty slutty witches. If the guy was not such a virgin, he could be have well entered into heaven right there. You know those girls have experience, they are not afraid to show their body and they sure look hell of drunk, there is quite an orgy to be had in this tent, it is such a shame that Joseph doesn’t have what it takes to make it happen. This show, with this title, it really is a miracle that nothing ecchi has yet to happen. Yes we kind of see Maria sleep in the nude and the sex with the succubus is implied, but at the end of the day, they managed to keep everything rather PG.

With current development, I’m curious if God himself won’t come down to take Maria’s virginity so she stops fucking around. It would be a perfect ending for this, Maria and Joseph would live together, Maria still a virgin and carrying a divine child. I’m certain the church would be all over her. Although I got to admit, my idea is probable rather far fetched.

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