Junketsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 8: God will rape you all

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I am growing ever more disconnected from our main character as the show progresses. This is not a problem with the anime itself though, the character design and development is well done in Maria the Virgin Witch, my personal values and belief simply cannot agree or understand Maria’s way of life. I am a rational person who strongly disagree with any emotional behaviour therefore Maria is someone I would want to see disappear despite how good or bad her intention might be. As can be already seen in Junketsu no Maria, no one can say that Maria’s simplistic view on life has brought much peace or happiness in this world. Yes more people might have died had she never existed, but I think that there would be more peace and stability in the world had she never been involved in anything.

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin Witch maria is forgotten

As a result of her selfish whim she is now hated and seen as an heretic. As a result of her emotional behaviour Maria is now going to be forgotten from the mind of the people, like the other fantastic creatures of the forest before her. We saw some kind of goblin or gnoll in this episode. They were coming to see Maria, for their land were now destroyed by war. As human no longer needed them in their lives, they became ever weaker and it can be assumed they will eventually disappear completely. Their existence will stop holding meaning and in this world humanity is the only thing that matters. Humans creates and destroy monster from their very imagination, so if they all stop believing in something, it stops existing. This is an interesting idea since it means Maria could disappear and simply stop existing if people stopped caring about her, but I find it even more interesting as it also claims that the more human believe in something or someone, the stronger it becomes. It could be argued that God is just one such being made from human imagination. God requires for human to believe and have faith in its existence to continue existing and the more human believes in him,  the stronger he becomes. This would explain the corruption of the religion and why such a “God” would try so hard to keep everyone in check so they believe in him and him only.

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin Witch you are a rapist dude

Favour of God aside, another really important subject discussed this episode was the planned rape of Maria. You know things are a bit fucked up when you have a bishop asking you to take the roofies he made to rape the virgin witch of the wood. You also know you must be a great human being when you are specifically selected from the church because you look like a great rapist. I don’t think anyone is really winning in all this. The bishop would be completely destroying his life if word of this came out, Gafi could lose everything at trying to rape a witch, her vengeance would be terrible plus his friend Joseph will be extremely pissed. This just screams bad decision all over. I’m curious to see if Gafi will really go through with the operation, with his new arm, this could be some very cold and metallic fingering Maria will unwillingly become subject to.

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