Junketsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 9: Rape and finding God

Junketsu no Maria the Virign Witch Maria captured

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I think everyone must be pretty surprise to see that Maria remains worthy of the title of her show. When Gafta attacked her I was sure we just had some kind of time skip to avoid witnessing the actual act of taking Maria’s virginity and not turning this into a hentai. Turns out nothing actually happened. Gafta getting in there and assaulting the poor witch would have been an absolutely awful way for her to lose her virginity. I’m a guy and I was trying to clench my non-existing vagina at that scene. It is a relief to know that in retrospective she was not raped, but it remained a very disturbing thought and I’m glad it was there. If there is one thing I love with anime, and the reason I began watching them in the first place, is because they are sometimes able to show scenarios that would otherwise either be too difficult to film appropriately or would be straight up censored in more traditional north american media. What happened in that witch hut happens on a daily basis in other part of the world, I hate it and therefore I don’t think we should try to forget it happens by censoring ourselves and our creativity.

Hard Rock, Awww Yeah

Hard Rock, Awww Yeah

There were a lot of development this episode which really featured the more intellectual and mature reach of Junketsu no Maria. One of which was the important self-realization and great inner dialogue the bishop had. To see this man of pure faith, this man who would do evil deeds to justify is religion, come to such a simple yet complex realization was very fun to watch. We were only allowed little bit and pieces of words signifying his current thought process, but it was all more than enough to understand the intense dilemma and thought process he was going through. We never really had a good picture of who this Bishop was, we could tell who he was from his actions, but I never really understood his way of thinking past the very basic concept of faith.

Junketsu no Maria the Virign Witch revelation

This all changed this episode. Thanks to Maria the Bishop finally was able to obtain the answer to some of the questions he never asked himself. If God is everything, it means he is also nothing, being everything means you have no existence since nothing isn’t you. There are no absolute in this world, and being everything is an absolute, therefore God cannot be omnipotent and everything. Without faith he had no life, he lived to proved his faith, but his faith was aimed at something which he did not understand, which did not exist, something which did not care. At the end he accepted Maria’s way of life and teaching, at the end the bishop finally realized that the only truth in this world is himself, he is to be his own god. The poor guy seems to be a man of logic and knowledge. He is calm, he is intelligent and able to analyze a situation properly. You could see from his inner monologue that he thought about things a lot more than his priestly attitude would let you believe. It is not his fault after all if his view on life and his approach on religion are as it is. You have to remember that back then the only path to knowledge, the only one who knew how to write and read, the people with all the knowledge was the church. Therefore through education, anyone with an interest in pure knowledge would be brainwash to religious ideals. This seem to have been the case with our friend the Bishop here in either case.

Junketsu no Maria the Virign Witch Viv means business

As this is happening, Viv is fighting against the Archangel Michael and I must say this fight will be very interesting because it could prove the power, or lack thereof, of God. If God really is all powerful and omnipotent, then there is no way the Archangel should lose since he is God’s puppet. This fight against Viv isn’t about proving who is stronger, it is about proving the existence and righteousness of God…and I really wish they prove his powerlessness.

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