Junketsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 1 [First Impression]: Not So Ecchi Afterall

Junketsu no Maria dragon

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 I must admit, for all the talk about this witch who was forced to stay a virgin, and for all the warning about ecchi everywhere, this show was a lot more intelligent and entertaining than I was expecting. I was ready for some boob fest with a ridiculous story that wasn’t going to go anywhere, but instead I find myself intrigued and interested in this anime. I guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover.

Junketsu no Maria Maria the witch

I find myself to be even more happy and willing to cover this show because it was so surprisingly good. So far this is the best thing that came out of winter, it isn’t even a master piece or anything, but I felt I was watching something intelligent despite how ridiculous it first looked. The story and its pacing was good, the character design and the setting made it immersive and there was just enough comedy and warm feeling to keep things light but yet interesting. I must admit that there could have been no boobies and I would be just as likely to watch this anime, I don’t feel they add or remove anything from this show, if anything the sexual subplot seems simply there to draw in an audience more than to play a major part in the story.

Junketsu no Maria medieval warfare

Speaking of the story, so far it remains difficult to predict in what direction this will turn. There is still a distinct possibility that the entire war between Britain and France will be but a subplot to Maria losing her virginity, but I would like to bet it would instead be the opposite. I want to believe we will have a great story about witches and the war, religion and magic working together and fighting one another to grasp the heart of man. I want to see a story where religious lies are exposed and fought, where a young innocent girl is strong enough on her own to win against the great organization that is the catholic church.

Junketsu no Maria sleeping in the nude

I don’t think Junketsu no Maria is the greatest anime ever done, but of the 10 or so anime out so far for Winter, it is the best I’ve seen. I would recommend the story to people interested in fantasy and seinen, I believe there will be enough mature and intelligent content to counter balance the sexual reference. This might be something I pick up on when it starts airing, a good contender for the season.

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