Junksetsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 5: Maria the Naïve Witch

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin Witch Maria the naive witch

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 I think the anime name should be changed from Maria the Virgin Witch to Maria the Naïve Witch. The girl is so clueless and stupid for a witch, she might be able to summon dragons and she might fly in the sky, but she is unable to think of what she is doing. As things are progressing people will start using her predictive and emotional behaviour against her. Her morals and values are so simple and short-sighted that she will end up cornered in how to act. If she is placed in a situation where helping one side would lead to more violence, or not doing anything would result in less violence, she would probably still stop said violence. Fixing problem as they appear never leads to a solution, you are trying to fix symptoms instead of the underlying problem. Stopping battle will just intensify the hatred and intensify the conflict. As could be shown in the duel this episode, sometimes people have to express their emotion and their frustration and when the frustration gets on a bigger scale and reach a national level, that is when war emerges. Obviously Maria is oblivious to all this, she simply wants for everyone to get along, yet she doesn’t take the time to think this through and really understand where the problem even stems for.

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin Witch duel

Despite how Barbaric and rage-filled duels are, there is a certain sense of honour and justice in them. It might be old fashion, it might be short-sighted and cruel, but there is justice and fairness in the law of the fittest. Animals do the same, they fight one another to lead their pack or to determine who gets the best females around, humans are animals too. In battle, in confrontation, every dispute can be resolved, for the winners are always the one who get to tell the truth of the world to the next generation to come. The one who dies cannot defend himself anymore and on an even battle field, the one who lost has no excuses.

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin Witch plotting monk

Back to Maria, now that she is known for her naïve personality, the church is going to use her to their will. The monk are intelligent, they know how to rule, they know how to read, they understand politics and are all protected by the power of God. God has some very vile children though, because this Monk is even more vicious than any soldier or Lord in the show. Manipulating a witch to do their bidding is something He would gladly do without second though. She is an heathen, she is not human, she is a witch. Why should he holds the feeling of a non-believer into consideration? The beauty of the church and religion is so twisted and cruel sometimes, no wonder religion is on a hard decline.

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