Kaitou Joker episode 1 [First Impression]: Not as good as Magic Kaito 1412

Kaitou Joker Joker and Burglar

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What’s the deal here with two shows about Kaitou the phantom thief? I don’t know if this is terrible timing or what, but both Kaitou joker and Magic Kaito 1412 are essentially the exact same concept for a show. Both anime are kid show about the same mystical magician known as phantom thieves. Both anime came out this fall 2014, now that is terrible timing because no matter how good one or the other is, the one on top will make the other show completely invalid. There is really no reason to watch two anime about the same thing, so which one will be forgotten this season, is it going to be Kaitou Joker or Magic Kaito 1412?

Kaitou Joker police detective knocked out

While I cannot talk for the entire populace, the choice seemed rather obvious to me after watching only the first few minutes of Kaitou Joker. Magic Kaito 1412 is definitively ages beyond this little kid show. Kaitou Joker is such a childish show that an adult couldn’t possibly like the show in any way shape or form, while Magic Kaito 1412 is a kid show too, it does a much better job at staying appealing to a wider audience. I don’t think I would have considered Kaitou Joker to be a good show no matter what, but with the existence of an identical anime which is much better it is just impossible for this one to go anywhere. The art is worse, the voice acting is worse, the story is even more childish, there is just no redeeming elements to this story. Kaitou Joker even lacked the drama and emotional depth that its counterpart was slightly showing. This is a lost cause.

Kaitou Joker falling into spikes

I won’t be watching this show for obvious reasons, but I wouldn’t recommend for anyone to watch it either, if it is something you liked, you should really just watch Magic Kaito 1412 instead, unless for some reason you REALLY want to make a comparison between the two anime and therefore you want to watch both.

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5 Responses to Kaitou Joker episode 1 [First Impression]: Not as good as Magic Kaito 1412

  1. Wilddog73 says:

    I dunno, I think the prospect of a “Joker” might be quite interesting. Kid show or not.

    • Zeroghj says:

      While I do agree with you, the problem here is that Magic Kaito 1412 is the same way. While Joker is not in his title or description, I feel both character behave in a very similar fashion and it would be easy to describe Kaito as a joker in both anime. And when we get there, Magic Kaito 1412 is a much more interesting anime for every ages, it has a better production value, a deeper story and more “in-depth” characters.

      So yes, a joker is interesting, but it is even more interesting in a better anime about the same thing.

  2. Hikarinyan says:

    i really do love Kaitou Joker, and as a 20 year old, i think i count as an adult here, and my 24 year old friend loves it too, so i would say, despite it being a kid’s show to the core, it still appeals to adults like us at the very least. Now, being a fan of Kaitou genre to begin with, i’m in my element that these two have come out, but since Magic Kaitou is not a children’s anime like Joker, i find i don’t compare them in the slightest. I adore them both in different ways and i’m a very happy kaitou fan :D:D:D!!!!

    • Zeroghj says:

      As a fan of the genre you’ve certainly hit the jackpot this fall. While I certainly do not share your passion for the show, I do believe that having more time on my hand I could have enjoyed at least one of the two too.

  3. Allison says:

    Magic kaito 1412 is actually a remake from when it first came out over 20 years ago I’m a big fan of gosho the guy who created it. He is also the creator of detective Conan/cased closed so he has a lot of experience makes sense to me that KID would be so much more advanced than Joker seeing as Joker came out 2014 and KID has been around for years. Anyway I love the phantom theif genre and I find it funny that all phantom thieves come from Arsene Lupin! Both are good though I do enjoy KID a bit more cause…… Well dunno I guess it really depends on the genre Joker to me seems more for humor and while KID is humorous there’s more to it ya know?

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