Kamigami no Asobi episode 1 [First Impression]: Alone with the Gods

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Recommended: Yes
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One cool girl and 6 handsome Gods are sent to a school in order to learn how to talk to each other and bring back together the bond between Gods and humans.


What the hell is this? Do you mean to tell me that a good reverse harem has made its appearance? I almost can’t believe my eyes!

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The first thing which gave me a hint that this was going to be decent came about in the first few minutes of the show, when I realized that the main character actually had a personality. This in itself is almost nothing short of a miracle. Yui is a kind, hard-working, resourceful and vibrant young girl, who will stand up for herself when she needs to and definitely doesn’t give the feeling that she’s powerless. The amount of expression provided by her tone of voice and mannerisms was astounding for a reverse harem, and I was pleasantly surprised.

kamigami no asoby hadesThen the guys joined the fray, and I was thoroughly impressed. Although the stock characters were kept for convenience’s sake, I couldn’t help but feel like the characters all actually had some personality of their own outside of their lines. Except for Loki (who pissed me off more than anything else) and Apollon (for whom I have much more to bitch against), all the other characters had me intrigued and made me want to know them more.  Not to mention that they were all drop dead gorgeous, but that was to be expected – That part is usually the only thing which Reverse Harems don’t screw up.

His god form is gorgeous, but the method to getting there is... questionable.

His god form is gorgeous, but his method to getting it is… questionable.

The only problem that I have with the show, and which could possibly bring it down a lot for me, is the personality of Apollon. As the main guy, I feel like they screwed up everything about him except the looks: his voice is terribly annoying and sounds girly as shit, his “gallantry” thing just doesn’t make any kind of sense whatsoever, his Pegasus is rolling in cheese and the Magical Girl transformation in the first scene completely turned me off from ever liking him as a character before I even knew him. If the show turns more towards the rest of the harem for a big part of the show, I will definitely be kept interested; otherwise, I feel like he could potentially bring the show down a lot.

Although the premise for the story sounds interesting, I’m not expecting tons of plot twists and awesome turns of events out of this. Considering the genre of the show and the fact that this is only 12 episodes, I’d be very surprised to see it go anywhere far enough that it would turn out super awesome. None the less, there is at least  the potential for a decent storyline, enough for me to turn away from it and enjoy the hot men and their back stories.

*ahen* I just want to know their back stories. I swear!

*ahen* I just want to know their back stories. I swear!

In the end, this is still a reverse harem, and there’s a barrier which reverse harems will never be able to cross, but for its genre I’m seeing this show go pretty high up in terms of quality. After having given up on reverse harems altogether, I’m actually finding myself interested in this, and will be watching at least the next 2 episodes. My blogging list is still quite ambiguous, but be sure to tune in next week because there’s a high chance you’ll see a review on the next episode up to read.

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