Kamigami no Asobi episode 11: Oncoming Shadows

Oh come on, just kiss already… I never thought a reverse harem would ditch the main girl in order to pair two of the guys together. Quite the unusual development, but definitely not a bad turn for Kamigami no Asobi.kamigami no asobi loki look balder


After Balder faints, he is taken to the infirmary, where he is told that he cannot leave until he is completely healed. Yui and Apollon, on their way to visit him, overhear Loki discussing the need for him to kill Balder. We then learn that Balder is the God of Destruction and needs to be killed in order to save the world. As Loki is about to do the deed, he changes his mind at the last moment, but Balder tells him that he is right and throws himself off a cliff in order to kill himself.

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Well well, and here I thought we would get a final ending with Apollon as the Main guy of the story… Seems like I was dead wrong. As stupid as I feel, the show did hide things quite well since it seemed to follow all of the possible conventions it could, only to end with a bang that separates itself from the cliché ending types in these shows. I doubt that Yui will end up with Balder, but I don’t think she will end up with Apollon either; in that sense, the show should remain pretty generic with an open-ending where the viewer is left to decide who the main character will end up with.

kamigami no asobi balder fallBefore that, though, we need to deal with Balder’s problem, which may or may not be solved since he just threw himself off a cliff. Knowing this show, I doubt that he’s truly dead (unfortunately…), but what felt most important here was the speech he said beforehand to Loki, which shows his extreme kindness towards the people he cares about – of course, that is if we forget that him and Loki are secretly having some sexy time together at night. It seems like we are nearing the scene we saw at the very beginning of the show, which showed every one of the Gods fighting against some evil entity which I hadn’t recognised but probably turns out to be Balder. Surprisingly enough, we are bound to get a pretty cool ending to this show next week, leaving me actually curious to watch it.

kamigami no asobi apollon comfortThe main thing that made me sad this episode was the almost complete uselessness of Yui, who so far seemed to be fairly present as the main character of the show and the main reason why everyone always felt better. I tended to disagree with the way the producers built her as a character who really felt more like any other human than the actual badass girl people are supposed to associate her with, but I did like the idea of her actually trying things instead of staying in her corner without any lines to say other than “Eh?”. This episode featured Yui mainly as an observer more than anything else, leaving Loki way more in the spotlight. I guess they really did want this shounen ai thing to go on, huh…

But enough of this. I’m off, and shall see you guys next week~

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