Kamigami no Asobi episode 12 [Final]: Rescue Mission

 Help! I’m drowning in the enormous amount of cheese overflowing from the screen!

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Before Balder falls off the cliff to his death, he ends up transforming into the God of Destruction and begins to destroy everything, until Zeus holds him back for as long as he can while everyone else gains back their powers to try and stop him. In the end, Loki attempts to reach him but Balder is completely unable to hear him. Yui, who finally acquires power from the sword she found, manages to get to him using Apollon’s pegasus and gives him the sword containing everyone’s feelings. With this Loki pierces Balder’s heart, which makes him wake up and overcome the God of Destruction inside of him, and all Gods use their powers to bring back Yui to her world.

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This was probably the cheesiest Finale I have ever seen. I thought that what we had seen so far was pretty bad, but I’ll admit that what I saw during this episode clearly topped the whole show with a huge slice of fromage that left me with a huge stomach ache.

None the less, this was clearly not a bad episode. It certainly wasn’t my style, but I still managed to find a lot of cool things in the episode, and if I was 10 years younger I’m sure I would have enjoyed this episode to the maximum. Having everyone finally transform and become really bad ass Gods, for one, was pretty awesome to see; they were handsome, they looked cool and they had strong powers – heck, had they done anything more I might’ve started kya-ing. Their fight against Balder would have been absolutely incredible if it wasn’t for the “let’s try and reach him with our hearts!” part, which kind of ruined the bad ass picture they were trying to give with all the explosions and powerful attacks.kamigami no asobi tsukito takeru transform

The ending, however, was when I started being blinded by the cheesiness completely. Having everyone “sacrifice” themselves for Yui was stupid, but having them come back – in casual clothes, of all things – in Yui’s world as though nothing had happened was just bad. Without any explanation as to what was going to happen to Balder’s transformation into the God of Destruction or what any of the other Gods did now that they were back into their own worlds, we suddenly witnessed the revival of 8 Gods without any idea how they survived.

kamigami no asobi apollon hotIn the end though, as cheesy and stupid as this show was due to its reverse harem nature, the ending worked very well with the show; great portrayal of all the characters, strong climax, great impact by the end and with a good, happy conclusion to top it all off. Not only did the show bother giving a great closure, but it also bothered to make this closure very powerful and meaningful to the rest of the story. With this, Kamigami no Asobi becomes a good quality reverse harem, and forces me to recommend this to anyone who would enjoy the genre.

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