Kamigami no Asobi episode 2: Entrance Ceremony

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Zeus explains to Yui and the other Gods that they are basically stuck in the world until they have all cooperated enough with Yui to fill up a huge ball of emotions. This idea however doesn’t please most Gods, who decide to ditch the student entrance ceremony and refuse to obey Zeus’ laws.


This post is incredibly late! I apologize for this, I promise it won’t happen again. University was slapping me in the face pretty badly…

Now that I’ve felt bad enough, let’s move on and talk about this episode. Was it incredible? No. was it Masterpiece quality? Definitely not. Were the guys hot? Yes. And that, my friends, is all I care about when I watch Kamigami no Asobi, as long as the main character keeps talking the way she does.

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My opinion remains absolutely unchanged for most of what I said previously in my First Impression. I still don’t expect much out of the storyline, since it seems fairly basic, but I still like the original premise of the show because it seems fairly original overall. The concept of having a tyrannical God ruling over all others can definitely spice up the story, and from last episode I also expect to see some crazy last boss showdown, either against Zeus or against some other creature which could destroy the world.

kamigami no asobi balder hotAs for the character routes, so far Balder seems the easiest to get; in fact, I almost found him too easy to get. He really is gentle, kind and his clumsiness makes him totally adorable, but I truly felt like his jealousy fit was a bit too early in the show for it to make any kind of sense. No one falls in love after two meetings… Or at least, they don’t get comfortable enough with the girl to say it so quickly.

Aside from that, all I can say about the other characters is that I still really don’t like Apollon and I still feel that he’s way too cheesy and fabulous for my taste. In fact, the cheesy vibe is probably what will bother me the most about the show, just as it would bother me with any other Reverse Harem; I wish they’d come up with one good enough to entertain even story-whores like me, some day… But I guess that won’t happen, huh…

So far, the only big problem I see with the show is its length compared to the size of the harem; for a 12-episode show in which we haven’t really started any conquest yet, I feel like having 6 routes might be a little bit overkill and cause everything to go into a trainwreck. kamigami no asobi male bonding

The way things are going, we’ll either get way too many small conquests, which would make the show become terribly paced, plot-less and with poorly built characters – unless the producers spend an incredible amounts of time on the show, which I’m aware they didn’t because of the genre. The other route available to the producers is to have one main conquest (in this case, Apollon) and all the others simple flickering around enough for people to want to follow their route in the original game; this would make the anime better, but unfortunately for the show I hate Apollon and wouldn’t be able to withstand the show if they went towards that route. Finally, the producers could also go the neutral route: giving favour to no character at all in order to focus on the main storyline would definitely make the show much more solid than a scattered bunch of bullshit, and would solve the Apollon-is-terrible problem. But of course, that’s just wishful thinking… I hope not, but my hopes aren’t high.

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