Kamigami no Asobi episode 3: Beach episode… Kinda.

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After Yui is forced to bring together all the gods before the end of the summer break, she decides to trigger a “beach event” in order for everyone to have fun memories together. Unfortunately, as they get there Zeus decides to change seasons and brings them in fall, making everyone unable to swim. Desperate to bring everyone together, Apollon tries to figure something out, and in the end him and Yui buy fireworks and everyone can happily enjoy the evening.


If I were to describe this episode in two words, one of them would be “good”, the other “awful”. Honestly, I am getting extremely mixed feelings about this show. Although it follows quite a generic and cheesy main plot, I can’t help but enjoy myself thoroughly when watching the show; at least, when you take out the bad parts, that is.

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The story so far seems promising; although it is extremely cheesy at times, it seems like the producers went and settled for a single route – Apollon’s – in order to give the story a much stronger plot overall. The fact that we even have a good plot going for this type of show is already pretty miraculous, but to add to that some better quality romance and one single main character definitely makes this show stand out from the others.

Some parts of this episode, however, honestly made me want to punch myself in the stomach because they were so bad. The magical reunion of everyone in the group through a firework viewing was idealistic, cheesy and simply ridiculous, and the poor excuse for swimsuits was, indeed, a very poor excuse (although very fun to watch) for unnecessary fan service.

Also, what the heck is Takeru wearing?

Also, what the heck is Takeru wearing?

Meanwhile, the characters are gaining in solidity, and my attachment to them is slow but does not stop increasing. If characters like Hades stop acting solely as comic relief through their over-used lines and if they become more complicated characters, I will definitely be entertained throughout the whole 12 episodes that this show is supposed to be going for.

Heck, somehow I’m even getting attached to Apollon. Although I still believe that having any other character as the main route would have been a better choice, somehow I’m getting used to his idealistic, reckless self. That’s just the way he is – despite his personality being frankly annoying, he is still fairly well-built, making me get used to him despite what he represents.

Aaaand suddenly I can't un-hear Sebastian anymore.

Aaaand suddenly I can’t un-hear Sebastian anymore.

I also decided to go look through the voice actors hired for this show. The surprise I got when I realized that I knew every single one of these voices except Tsukito’s! The list is impressive for every single one of them, and raise my respects for the show. Although budget doesn’t say everything in a show, the fact that producers put in this much effort at least signals to us that the show wasn’t meant to be simply a filler, and raises my hopes that the show will do in a good direction in general.

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