Kamigami no Asobi episode 4: Hades, the Carrier of Misfortunes

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After creating clubs, Yui notices that Hades refuses to participate in anything, and gets closer to him in an attempt to get him to interact more with the class. Hades rejects her attention because of a curse that brings misfortune to him and everyone around, but in the end Yui manages to solve his problem through her determination.


AGGH I CAN’T UNHEAR HIM!!! Ever since I looked at the VAs, Hades has become a super handsome demon butler; his voice is too inscribed in my head. Damn you Daisuke Ono!

Anyways. This episode was… Okay. I’m a bit disappointed in the development of Hades overall, especially since I was quite looking forward to it, but I still quite loved to see a little bit more of him for his good looks – and his great voice – okay, mostly for his voice.

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As a bringer of misfortunes, Hades is quite unlucky indeed, but I feel like the character could have been developed much better than how it was done in this episode. Here, we saw Yui come along and go against all his misfortunes, and “fix the problem” magically through her “determination” which was honestly not that much determination… All she did was bring him rice cakes (which she could easily get from a store) and talk to him for a grand total of two days. I mean, it worked, but… If I could have seen less cheesy bullshit and more of Yui’s actual inner strength, I would have been much, much more satisfied than I was with what we got.

As for Hades’ development… I’m almost tempted to say “character transformation” rather than development. He did show us some pretty darn cute facial expressions for someone looking so grim all the time, but I also feel like there was some dissonance between his happy and his sad moments, splitting his personality and making it incredibly shallow and unreal. Also, going against a little bit of rain is definitely not worthy of a king bearing the grudge of millions upon millions of dead people, but that fits in with the cheesy vibe of the show which I already discussed, so let’s not linger on to that.kamigami no asobi hades cute

Overall, this episode was incredibly cheesy, shallow and quite annoying to watch sometimes, but I still thought it to be okay, because it had shirtless men, Daisuke Ono’s voice and a few entertaining scenes which made me laugh. I will never call Kamigami no Asobi a masterpiece, and overall I am a bit disappointed to see that the great potential that I thought the show would have does not add up to what it’s actually giving out, but it’s still entertaining to watch.

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