Kamigami no Asobi episode 5: Takeru’s route

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This episode, we are carried along Takeru’s route, where sword fighting is not a club activity yet totally looks like it, where running is apparently fun and where trusting people is for idiots. That is, until Yui shows up and destroys that latter point, showing that trusting others is a beautiful thing because it allows for one not to be expelled.


After the gloomy Hades, time for some extra liveliness as we get closer to Takeru, the sporty tsundere only looking for someone in the world who would trust what he says. No one better than Yui could have done that! Because she… uhm… Totally did something which no one could have done… Right.

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The cheesiness of this show is getting more and more annoying with each episode that comes out. The way Yui saved Takeru in the end, simply by yelling and getting her point across, isn’t something so special that it could change Zeus’ way of thinking so quickly without any confrontation. Although I do agree that she was right, the idealistic response from Zeus rather gave him a character flaw more than anything else, since someone stubborn like him would not have reacted to common sense even if it was thrown in his face. It seems like Zeus is desperate over getting his plan to work because it’s a life or death situation, and that his desperation rather prevents him from thinking rationally when he makes decisions. For him to turn around so quickly when Yui simply says a few words just doesn’t make sense with the rest of his behaviour.kamigami no asobi takeru trust issues

None the less, while this episode had a pretty cheesy atmosphere, it also had a pretty good moral by the end, what about all those trust issues and whatnot. Trust is something necessary for anyone wishing to have a non-hermit life, and I thought that denoting the importance of it here in this episode was fairly well done – cheesy as hell, but well done.

kamigami no asobi takeru smileAs for Takeru himself, well, he’s a tsundere alright. He somehow reminded me of main boys in any kind of sports romance manga; a cool, fun, yet teasing kind of guy, who won’t admit his feelings quite openly until he decides himself to do it in an impulsive manner. The fact that he spent the whole episode running accentuated this feeling quite a lot. I do find his character type to be rather overused, but overall his route was still somewhat entertaining, leaving us with the feeling that this was more of a cute RomCom more than an actual route in a reverse harem. Yui’s character was also fun this episode; I always like when main protagonists actually have opinions, even when they’re idealized like crazy.

P.S.: I'm still waiting for this scene not to show up every week... Is this supposed to be a running gag or something?

P.S.: I’m still waiting for this scene not to show up every week… Is this supposed to be a running gag or something?

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