Kamigami no Asobi episode 6: One’s Duty

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Time to get carried into Tsukito’s world, where every action is a mission and nothing is done for fun. Due to a prank from Loki, Yui and Tsukito have their hands bound together by “lover’s rings” which only separate themselves if both members come to a tacit understanding. Everyone thinks that both need to fall in love, but in the end Yui and Tsukito only come to understand each other better and the rings undo themselves without having love get in the way of things.


Well, well. Should I say that was cute? Because, frankly, I didn’t really think so. I guess Tsukito’s just… Not my type of character. His lack of emotions just bores me.

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I guess he’s supposed to be the quiet, diligent type of the story. They might have managed to give him an interesting twist, what with the weird ‘duty’ thing, but overall his lack of emotions really made me distance myself from him; I just couldn’t get attached to what he said most of the time. The only time I did actually feel him as an actual character was when he mentioned that he saw everything as a mission, and never knew what it felt like to have fun. The only bad twist to that plotline, however, was that it turned into a generic scene between Tsukito and Yui where Yui outlines the obvious, idealistic “I had a lot of fun today, so you must have had fun too!” (Not how it works…) I understand that fun is a cool thing to feel, but someone who has lived his whole life without it won’t start feeling it just because someone told him she had fun…

kamigami no asobi yui tsukito handsThe whole feeling the show gives is just becoming too idealistic for me. It seems like everyone’s problems can be solved through simple argumentation, and to me Yui may have a personality but I still feel like I’m watching a perfectly cut-out template of a teenage girl who just wishes to state her opinion once in a while. It does not make her original in any sense, just… Normal. And I don’t see how such a normal girl can solve such intense problems as Tsukito’s through her simple comebacks which only originate from conventional behaviour.

kamigami no asobi loki hotSomehow, I felt like this episode served to outline Loki just as much as Tsukito – we saw more of his personality in this episode than in any other, and it was fun to see him take a little bit more presence this time. His mischievous side does add some fun moments to the show, and I feel like most of the fun in this episode came from him being there rather than from Tsukito, who lacked so much emotions that it was just depressing.

We have Loki, Balder and Apollon left to explore. I assume Apollon will be last, which leaves us Loki or Balder to appear in the next episode; I put my bids on Loki, since he was so present in this episode, but either or, I feel like the episode will definitely be more interesting than Tsukito’s…

…how did they change into their kimonos?

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