Kamigami no Asobi episode 7: Boys Romance

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Balder finally decides to make a move on Yui, but Loki hears of the confession, and his jealousy causes him to try and pull apart Yui from Balder as much as possible, as he tries to keep her away from him. In the end, however, Loki realizes that the strategy won’t work, and decides to make a move on Yui, who doesn’t realize at all what he did. In the end, Loki and Balder have a face-off with Yui in between, both finally forced to face their issues against each other.


Damn… That was actually pretty cool.

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It was a nice change of pace to get two routes happening at the same time, in comparison with the other routes which all went in one single direction. The contrast between Balder’s charming, gentle personality and Loki’s mischievous character allowed for some great interactions between them, and was done well enough for me to praise a show for which I’d given up hopes for. This was pretty well done.

kamigami no asobi balder loki kidsAside from the whole yaoi-shipping which will overthrow the Kamigami no Asobi fandoms for the rest of the time the show airs, putting Balder and Loki together as good friends is something I would have never imagined possible, considering their completely opposite natures. However, now that I’ve seen it, I can definitely admit that this is probably one of the only great ideas the show has had so far; considering the popularity of both Loki and Balder, putting those two completely opposing characters together in one route made it completely bittersweet, with Loki’s spice added to the gentle Balder. Moreover, the inversion of those character types by the end, where Balder suddenly becomes evil and possessive whereas Loki is the one who saves Yui, switches the spices around and makes both characters shine in a way that no other characters could before them. This episode was hot, and for once I’m not ashamed to have liked it.kamigami no asobi balder evil

Aside from that, it was also interesting to see Balder’s powers as something negative all of a sudden, and seeing the way Yui reacts to him explains completely why he was the first one to get really close to her, as well as explaining why he likes her so much already; at least, now his character makes more sense than Apollon’s character does. It’s a bit of a sketchy way of explaining Balder’s feelings, but at least his feelings were explained, which brings him up in my standards a bit.kamigami no asobi loki angry

Loki is also another interesting character in that not only is he absolutely gorgeous looking, but he’s also the only one who seems completely uninterested in Yui at the moment. Yui’s comfortable smile throwing him completely off guard after he hit on her made a lot of sense (although Yui’s reaction was worth a punch in the face), and it’ll be fun to see his feelings change from hate to love in the next episode, if they do anyways. This could still potentially turn into the only yaoi pairing of the show, as it already has in every girl’s heart. Seriously, they should just start screwing already.

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