Kamigami no Asobi episode 8: The Light God’s Shadows

What is this? Plot? What? How? Oh my God, this is actually getting somewhat interesting.


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After Loki’s outburst, the argument between him and Balder is left to a standstill, and Yui takes the time she has to visit the different booths at the festival. She then begins talking to Loki and helps him work on his booth, when Balder finds her with him and decides to take her away in a fit of jealousy. He then makes a move on her, but Loki stops him and this causes Balder’s powers to go out of control as he hurts everyone around him. Loki is the one to save him, and in the end him, Balder and Yui reconcile all together as emotions start spurring forth in Loki’s heart.

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Loki’s last words have gotten me intrigued as to what he meant by that. Of course, I don’t expect him to actually kill Balder eventually, but those words leave the show with at least potential to finish with a definitive “bang” that I didn’t think would quite be possible. I expected Apollon to take over in the next episode, but it seems like Loki hasn’t quite left yet, and the possibility for a storyline and stronger backstory between more than just Apollon’s character leads me to think that this show may not be so bad after all. This might actually turn out better than Amnesia, after all (not that Amnesia was hard to beat, anyways…)kamigami no asobi balder wallpaper

This episode provided us with the closure between Loki and Balder’s argument, and it was well-done enough that I could actually, once again (for two episodes in a row!), praise this show for it. The reversal of Balder’s gentle nature was great, Loki’s gentleness provided an awesome contrast, and seeing both those Godly figures whirl around our main character was truly heart-racing to the max. Yaoi pairings aside, the boat scene featuring Loki and Balder holding hands together with Yui suggested quite a lot more to their relationship than had been suggested with all other characters, and I quite enjoyed that overall.

kamigami no asobi loki balder yuiUnfortunately, this show has been airing for too long to be able to redeem itself completely at this point. The failure to feel anything more than just generic romance in the routes of Takeru, Hades and Tsukito is a flaw simply too huge to ignore, and the ridiculous amount of still shots and laziness in animation, facial expressions and dialogue is still something that will always, always bother me in reverse harems. When the anime feels no different from actually playing the game, there’s no point really in making it an anime except for commercial reasons – and that pisses me off.

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