Kamigami no Asobi episode 9: Attack of the Ghost Lady

WELL THEN. I certainly wasn’t expecting that.

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After waking up from a weird dream between Apollon and another woman she doesn’t know, Yui finds Apollon to be sleepy all day, causing him to act weird all day, unlike himself. In the middle of the night, Yui finds him sleep-walking and almost killing himself, hypnotized by the ghost of the woman Yui has been seeing in her dreams. Yui comes to save him, but Apollon finds himself so grieved by the loss of the girl named Cassandra that his heart becomes clouded and risks becoming rotten. Through Yui, however, Cassandra manages to save him and Apollon goes back to normal.

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This episode was so well done that I actually got carried away into it and forgot that I was watching a show which I thought I heavily disliked. It was surprisingly great.

kamigami no asobi apollon no shirtSeeing Apollon, who is usually the most carefree thing in the entire world, suddenly turn around and have this huge trauma surrounding him was very surprising; and, when you think about it, a bit out of character, considering that he should probably be a bit gloomier if he truly was traumatic (unless he willingly forgets about it, which is possible). Otherwise, the dramatic effect pulled across this whole episode was great, well-paced, with the right amount of emotions and not that much cheesiness – less than the usual amount, anyways.

Another reason why I enjoyed this episode was that not only did the producers pull off the drama really well, but they managed to pull it all off in one single episode, without having it feel rushed or poorly written. Keeping everything in episodic form is usually not so well received by anime critics due to the lack of substance, but this episode did not make me feel like it lacked any at all; all the elements were present, and the resolution was completed without any troubles – okay, the concept of the ghost of a past lover is extremely cliché, but this is Kamigami no Asobi we’re talking about, so I’m not exactly surprised…kamigami no asobi dreamy

The only problem with this episode came about from flaws in the show as a whole – the cliché concept of the ghost woman is one, and another one is the lack of information we are given on the world as a whole. It is mentioned that Gods have special powers, but theorigin and nature of their powers is sometimes extremely ambiguous; their immortality is never discussed, simply assumed (at least, from what I got in this episode); and how in the hell Apollon could give a human his own powers is a complete mystery. Moreover, wouldn’t this make her become immortal as well? What kind of future did Cassandra even see? Everything was left extremely unclear in that sense and I wish we could have gotten more explanation instead of letting us assume that everything worked fine (in other words, them being too lazy to explain).

kamigami no asobi yui cassandraFor a reverse harem like this, I’m finding myself extremely surprised by the fact that this show actually has a decent storyline that seems to be getting better as the episodes move along. We still have 3 episodes left, and if the show keeps going in this awesome direction I might actually have to admit that I managed to find a good reverse harem, after all these years of hoping. Unfortunately, though, I needed a good show like this to figure out that I just dislike the genre as a whole, but I can still acknowledge that, if Kamigami no Asobi keeps going in this direction, it has the potential to become a very good show for the ladies to enjoy.

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