Kamisama Dolls 12: Berserk

Everyone is rushing to try to save Hibino, but will they arrive in time?

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The episode was so fucking awesome I can’t believe it. Last episode was kind of lame and going nowhere, but holy shit is this show freaking awesome. So many things happened this episode, so many awesome things.

The only thing I was disappointed in this episode was that Hibino was not raped in the end, it was kind of disappointing, but otherwise everything else was just so awesome. Mahiru finally got her ass kicked, but a little girl at that. That was a fun sight. That girl was such a spoiled little princess, she was getting on my nerved. Glad to see that not only did she lost the fight and had her kakashi destroyed, but now it even rebelled and tries to kill everyone. I think that is a fitting ending for that emotional bitch.

At the beginning of the show Kuuko was so absolutely awesome. I knew that she was a little crazy, but that was pushing it to the limit before hitting insane. She knocked unconscious 2 person in order to steal information from a computer, before proceeding to smash someone’s head with an iron gold club and then shoot someone. If that was not enough she even blamed someone else for the murder and got away with it. She is definitively much more awesome than I had previously expected.

Now to the main event of the show. Hibino is once again kidnapped, surprise! That girl should be named princess peach or zelda, she spends more time kidnapped than free. But now while Kyohei showed super human courage, he still was no match to a kakashi and he was unable to free Hibino. But just the fact that he tried made him look absolutely awesome, but of course there is a thin line between being courageous and being stupid. Usually that line is crossed when you get killed from your courageous act without any success of saving anyone. That line was crossed in this case. What Kyohei did was stupid, he climbed a machine that wanted to kill him and he got hit on the back of the end. Granted I think he survived, but it was still not his brightest idea.

But now, everything is leading us to believe that next episode our wish will finally be realized. Kyohei will regain control of kukuri and he is in rage mode, both him and his kakashi. Next episode will be awesome, I can already see Kyohei in a complete rage destroying everything in his path and becoming nearly invincible and just before he does something that he would regret in his normal state, Aki will arrive and stop him from destroying himself. This is the ending I predict and even If it is what happens I won’t be disappointed that it was too easy to figure out, because it is the best ending possible for this show and you can be sure that I will be watching the second season when it will come out.


To conclude, Kamisama dolls is one of the best thing that came out from this summer, it might not be the most serious or the most dramatic, but it sure beats everything else in term of epicosity.


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