Kamisama Dolls episode 1: [First Impression]

Kamisama Dolls looks like more than a mere oversized pokemon show, It actually seems to have an obscure story behind it.

Time for us to learn the mystery of the village and what does god are capable of.



Kuga is our main character, he is quite the unusual main character actually. He seems to have much background actually and be some kind of veteran hero. Usually we follow a newby that learn his power and how to become powerful. But in this case it seems we will follow someone who uses to be powerful and relinquished his power to lead a normal life. The newby that will learn how to control her power will be Kuga’s little sister. So will this be a show shown at the second person? where we follow the main character from the point of view of someone around him? or will Kuga regain his power somewhere along the line?


That guy's past looks like it was rough

If I had to choose I would want Kuga to eventually regain slowly be pushed towards acquiring his old power back. After all he looks like someone with way too much experience in stuff he should have never known, he must be such a badass with an extraordinary life. At the beginning when the guy is still living his normal life he looked like such a loser, but maybe he is such a loser because he never had a chance to live like someone normal before.


I’m really interested in learning that guy back story. I’m sure it is impressive and will win Shiba over. But that guy really is lucky. His appartement blow up and he end up living with the girl he love, that is just awesome luck. Shiba is such a great character for him too, she seems strong. After all she is exceptionally calm and composed. She saw a murder scene and she was able to keep herself calm and even later on when she was shown a god, she still got back to her sense really quickly. She is the perfect character to be put into danger. She is not a princess, she knows how to psychologically defend herself and she seem strong enough to support difficult situation. She will be awesome later on, I can tell.


Now for Kuga’s little sister, I don’t really like her character, she seem so childish and immature for the power she has in her hand, she looks emotional and unstable. Not only that, but she ends up blowing everything to pieces because she gets frustrated.

Kukuri is an interesting thing, it is said to be a god, but it is controlled by a human, a young girl at that. It was shown to be powerful, but we really have no clue what it really is in the end. But why would it have a name if it has no conscience of his own? is it a machine? or can it actually think for itself? This I am curious about.


Now the villain of the show is named Aki, he seems to be a childhood friend of Kuga, but something must have gone wrong at some point, because now he is playing hentai with Kuga’s little sister. There seem to be a really interesting story between Aki and Kuga, I can’t wait to learn more about it. He sure doesn’t mind killing and doing a bloodbath to obtain what he wants.

You know a show has potential when it starts like this


Now this show is definitively interesting, I will watch it and I will blog it, you can expect to hear the lullaby of the god for a bit longer, and maybe with it we will learn their secret.


Possibility of Blogging: YES
Possibility of Watching:  YES


ZeroG signing off


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