Kamisama Dolls episode 2: Controlling God


Utao is practicing her control of Kukuri when an explosion occurs nearby and she needs to use Kukuri to save some students life.



This show is so mysterious and intriguing. During each episode I just want to figure out what happened in that village. You can tell that Kyohei is hiding something, hiding his past. For some reason I don’t believe him when he said that he was a bad Seki, that he did not have enough talent. From the glimpse of the past that we were exposed I can tell that he was in no one a terrible Seki, it looked like he had way more control over Kukuri than his younger sister has currently. It just seems that something really bad happened. I want to know what that event is. Also I want to see Kyohei control Kukuri at one point !


I can shoot lazor but instead I like throwing rocks !

For now we got to meet two important new character. We have the detective that was in charge of the investigation about the explosion at Kyohei’s place and his daughter. Oh his gorgeous daughter. That girl is quite the interesting character, she is outgoing, curious, intelligent and most of all, she is crazy. Crazy is the best part for an interesting character. Kuuko will most likely give some trouble to everyone. She knows how to get information and she knows how to read people. With the way how Kyohei and Shiba acts, there is no way she won’t know the truth by the end of the next few episode.


Those two will be a pain in the ass, I can tell

Now the relation between Kyohei and Shiba is interesting, Shiba seems to love mysterious guy and Kyohei sure is mysterious. But Kyohei is a cowardly wimp in the current world. It is clear than there is more to him than that, and that cowardliness seems more like wisdom to me, but cowardliness is not something girl are usually attracted to. But Shiba is questioning herself, the reason she feels so weird is because she is developing sentiment for Kyohei. Obviously Kyohei loves Shiba, but will they ever be more than friend during the show? or will their love only materialize at the end? I would rather see them together the sooner. Having someone to protect would help make sure Kyohei becomes a bad ass by the season’s end.


Awkward moment when you masturbate in the hallway

On a side note, the lullaby of Kukuri is stuck to my head and it simply doesn’t want to get away…la….la….la..la..la….la..la..la..la.la.la..la.la

And the ending theme makes me think of the opening of Bokurano so much, but after some research I found out why. It is the same person who sing both of the songs and both song sounds alike. It makes me anticipate even more from this show, since Bokurano was a really, really good show. Now I want to see little children die and fight to save the world.




Kamisama Dolls is my favorite show of this season with Mayo Chiki. It has everything set up to tell us a wonderful story. A mysterious past, powerful weapon and a crazy enemy. The romance is even there for people who like that kind of things. What is there not to like from this show?


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