Kamisama Dolls episode 3: the Village arrives in Town


When everything was supposed to calm down in the city, it seems that the plan failed and everything is turning out for the worst. The village is now continuing their constant war in a city filled with innocent people.



The episode started slowly, the beginning was mostly boring meaningless stuff to make us care a bit more about the characters, but Utao and Suou are not really my kind of characters, my kind of character looks more like the one we see in the second half of this episode. This means, cruel characters with dark past that kills people just for fun and power. Things are slowly getting more interesting, we knew that the village was some fucked up place where a lot of people gets kill and there are lots of explosion when gods are fighting. But the village has now arrived in the city and things will get insane really quickly if nothing changes.



There seems to now be 4 doll users in the city. That seems like a lot of possible destruction to me. Kyohei won’t have any choice soon but to leave the city for the village once again, since otherwise he will put the whole city at risk. It is after all really dangerous to have huge machine of destruction fighting over thousands of innocent citizen.


Ya, that part was quite boring

We got to learn a bit more about the past of Kyohei. We know that something really bad happened, a lot of people seemed to have died to achieve something. Kyohei decided that it was too much and abandoned everything and Aki decided to instead continue on the path of destruction to achieve some unknown goals. We also learned that there is some bad blood between the Kuga clan and Hyuga clan. What kind of history those two clan have? what are their purpose and reason to be? It seems that each piece of information we are given only makes us wonder what more there is to this universe. It seems like some deep political war is going on in the village, some really dark stuff happened and now the village problem is going after Kyohei who tried to leave it all behind.


U mad?

The potential for this show is enormous. Everything looks really amazing and I can’t wait to learn more about it. I was expecting Kyohei to get his hand dirty around the end of the season, but at this rate blood will be falling from the sky in only a couple of episodes. I expect lots of gore and blood in the coming weeks, and I love that prediction. Time to see little girl kill people and Hibino become the princess in distress.




If you where wondering which show would kick ass and are worth your time this summer, don’t search anymore, Kamisama dolls is here for you. I guarantee continuous level of awesomeness from this show and possibly an awesome ending. I simply cannot wait to learn more about Kyohei’s past and I want to see what Aki is able to do.


ZeroG signing off

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