Kamisama Dolls episode 8: Demons Inside


Kyohei, Utao and Hibino are going back to the city now that Kukuri has been repaired, hopefully they won’t break it again too soon.



This episode was a bit filler-ish in style, but even I can only call this episode a filler because other episode are so packed with action. The episode was in no way boring or storyless, even in the more “filler” type of episode the show still has a lot of character and plot development.


It is interesting to note that each of Hibino's breast are larger than Utao's head

You know the episode will revolves more about ecchi stuff and fan service when everyone is going to the beach, but in the case of Kamisama, even going to the beach end up a perilous and action packed adventure. We did get to see Hibino in swimsuit, but at the same time multiple people nearly died and the house was trashed. They sure knows how to keep things from getting boring. Even if the episode was more focus on comedy and ecchi for this episode, there was still more action going on than in most shows.


Utao really did improve with Kukuri

The “regular” episode of Kamisama Dolls usually follows the same pattern, the first half of the show is more focused on comedy and ecchi, it can feel like any romance/slice of life anime out there for a little while, but the second half of the show always get more serious and the story progress a lot. The same thing happened this episode.


Now about the serious part of this episode. Aki is still in town and he seems to be doing well. But we get to learn a bit more about his point of view about his and Kyohei’s past. He thinks that Kyohei is avoiding him either because he doesn’t know that he has a dark part inside of him or because he actually do know. This dark part of Kyohei is really interesting. I always figured that something happened in the past, something Kyohei did that could have been considered a bit dark. But I guess Kyohei won’t be the one to reveal that part of his past. In the end, is Aki trying to kill or seclude Kyohei to protect everyone? Does Aki knows something about Kyohei and wants to protect everyone without anyone knowing? or I am imagining things and thinking too much about this? What if in the end, Aki was the “good” guy all along and Kyohei was the murderer? What if Kyohei had, in fact, not ran away to protect himself from the village, but to protect the village from himself?

Let's calmly discuss this matter with a knife at your throat

Most character feels really grey in the show, Aki is the “bad guy” and Kyohei the “good guy” only from the point of view of the story, but in reality you realize that Aki isn’t that much of a bad guy, he just seems like a boy with a weak heart and he tries to survive and be accepted the best way he can. But I’m starting to be suspicious of Kyohei. What if Aki is right? What is Kyohei is the evil force to be imprisoned? I’m sure we will find out soon enough.




Another amazing episode, I feel kind of sad that this show only has 13 episodes, It should be at least 26 episodes long. Why should all good things come to an end? I wish bad thing would come to end and good thing to last, oh cruel world.


ZeroG signing off

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