Kamisama Dolls [Final Impression]

The First season of Kamisama Dolls is over and now it is time to see just how awesome it was.


Art and Animations

The animations were not really that impressive in Kamisama Dolls, it was nothing bad, but it was not as impressive as some other A-class anime. I would say that the animation was most likely the weakest link in the anime. It was just too average for the grand thing that Kamisama Dolls was.

A lot of emotions were drawn in comical effect instead of real facial features, some people might like that style better, but not me. I feel like it is a cheap and childish way to communicate a character state of mind, I would much rather have to read into the facial of a character instead of having a big caricature drawing on their face.

Now even though it was not all picture perfect, there were also a lot of action sequences in the show and they were all beautifully done. So I guess I might have been overexagerating when I said the animation was ordinary. It was better than average, but it was still the weakest link in the show in my opinion.

Rating: 8/10


The characters of Kamisama Dolls have a lot of background and real complex personality, but what I love the most is the incredible darkness inside of characters like Kyohei and Aki. Kyohei looks like such a gentle and level-headed guy, but from what we saw from the past he can be really scary when he gets angry.

But of course there are a lot of characters in this show and not all of them are just as deep, some of them are just there to cause trouble and other are there for comedy relief, but even those characters accomplish their role perfectly.

Kuuko is such an awesome girl to have around, she is crazier than a serial killer and she is willing to do anything to get what she wants, she is exactly the kind of character that helps the story stay fresh and refreshing no matter the circumstance. But she is only one example of the multiple awesome characters the show has to offer.

The only character I could possibly complain about are Utao and Hibino. Utao, I dislike her simply because she is so childish and powerless, but at the same time that is exactly the type of character she should be, so if anything they did a great job with her character. The only character a little ordinary is Hibino, she does have a mind of her own and she is not just a mindless big breasted girlfriend, but she is such a stereotypical princess. She is powerless, always gets into trouble and kidnapped and the only redeeming quality she has is that she has huge boobs.

But that’s it, those are the only complains I could come up with if I tried very hard to find a problem to the characters. They were solid and diverse, 9/10.

Rating 9/10

 Original Sound Track & Opening/Closing theme:

The best Opening theme I saw in ages. That opening was so great that it made it worthwhile to watch the show, even if you only listening to the opening. The song at the beginning is catchy and so different from usual, I was always dancing on my computer chair when the song came up and I loved it. I even heard people complain at the only episode where the intro was missing. It was seriously that good.

The Ending was no small shot either, Definitively makes it in the top 3 ending I heard from all the show I heard this year. If it was not for Gosick and Dantalian No Shoka Ending themes, it would have been first. Overall the music and soundtracks for this show were simply stellar, I rarely even notice music in the show I watch, I usually forget them a few days later, but in the case of Kamisama Dolls the song stuck to my head and I remember every single one of them, without any regrets.

That’s a 9/10 folks.

Rating 9/10


The story, now this is difficult to evaluate for me, I really loved every episode were we got to learn more about the past of every character. But in the end, this was the first season and it was more of an introduction to the story than anything else. I really feel like we only watched the intro to the film and that the bad guy has not even appeared yet. The story is not yet really over, but I will try to evaluate how good was the story up to now regardless.

There were some longer episodes here and there, but overall they were severely overshadowed by the awesomeness of the good episodes. There were no bad episode, but there were some absolutely epic one. My favourite were mostly those involving Kyohei’s past, they were usually grim and cruel and I love those kinds of story. They had always some kind of sinister turns and I think what I loved the most about those stories is that they were from the past. You knew something happened, you knew were the characters were now, but you have no clue what happened precisely for every to happen the way it did. So those episode were really illuminating, you were able to put all the pieces back together and understand everything, they were really great episodes.

The story was not complete, so of course the rating won’t be complete either, but it was still great even if we only got to see the beginning of this wonderful show.

Rating: 8/10

Overall Entertainment Value

The show was pure fun to watch, the characters were interesting, there was just enough ecchi to please the fan without ruining the show and the intro alone was worth watching what ever came for the next 20 minutes following it. Even if some episode were a little slow in the story development, it was always because something huge was going to happen to following episode. It was really great to have both Steins;Gate and Kamisama Dolls the same day, it made my Tuesday feel like I was in constant orgasm. I have nothing negative to say about how fun the show was, it was pure fun.

Rating: 9/10


Everything in the show was done amazingly well, I am certain that the second season will come as soon as the manga has catched up and when that happens I will be ready to cover the following adventure of Kamisama Dolls. In the end everything just started to be awesome. The show was the best of this season if I disregard Steins; Gate and it was the second best show of the year for me. I gladly present the show with a nearly perfect score of 9/10.

Final Rating: 9/10

ZeroG signing off

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