Kamisama Hajimemashita 2 episode 1 [First Impression]: And yet another trial for the new God

kamisama mamoru baby

It’s back~

Take it as a good or bad thing, Kamisama Hajimemashita is once again on screen with yet another season of fun romance filled with cheesy moments. It would seem that the first season was successful enough for the show to manage another 13 (probably) episodes. If you take a look at my previous final impression of the show, it said, and I quote,

“In the end, I still believe this show should get a second season, in order to fill in all the things which are missing. It would greatly improve the rating of the show, and I’m sure its popularity would go beyond manga readers, which is something animes are there for.”

Now then, omitting the whole part where my writing style was quite the horror back then (in fact, it probably still is), I did mention that giving a second season to this show in order to flesh out the characters better could easily take this show out of the average zone. I still believe that to be the case, and now that we’re finally getting this good piece, I’m looking forward to what we’ll get to see.

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Unfortunately, rather than let us meet the old characters and flesh out their stories, it seems that Akitarou Daichi decided upon the same strategy as the first season, which was to basically add as many new side characters as possible and then to try to make sense of their stories and fail miserably because there are already too many characters. I doubt the show could ever reach a complete fallout where it just makes viewers completely lose interest, but still, I don’t expect this show to have masterful character development… Except in Tomoe.

There are many hints pointing towards his gaining back memories of the girl he fell in love with many centuries back, and that is sure to bring some ripples in his mind as well as in Nanami’s. How will he react? Especially now since he has a girl he loves (although he won’t admit it)? I feel this is something that this second season could definitely bring about, and I’m curious to see it happen.

Meanwhile, I can enjoy what I love most about the show… Hmm…. What was it again…

kamisama tomoe badass

I think I’m starting to remember…

kamisama tomoe mikage

Riiiight. Hotness. Screencaps. Really, really hot and cute Tomoe screencaps.

kamisama tomoe hot

Hope you guys will enjoy them just as much as me in this second season of Kamisama Hajimemashita! Be sure to tune in every week as I will be taking this show up my sleeve in order to puke out my own opinions, which I hope you will enjoy reading!

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