Kamisama Hajimemashita 2 episode 3: A visit to the underworld

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On the grounds that Okuninushi will gather information on the whereabouts of Mikage, Nanami accepts to go visit the gate of the Underworld, where demons wishing to invade Earth have crashed a hole into it while it was unprotected. Following a skirmish, Nanami ends up falling into the hole with Okuninushi (Akura-ou in his human form) and has to try and find her way back up before the Divine Assembly starts. Unfortunately, it has already begun and she’s already late…


Was this episode good? Overall, I’d say it was. But… Was it really worth two weeks’ worth of waiting?

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The episode certainly cheered me up a bit with its dumb humor and characters. Despite this show turning very often to romance tropes, it is clear that Kamisama Hajimemashita isn’t just full of clichés and has something of its own to make it so popular. One of them is its use of character types and their development, and another is probably their humour, which builds upon the story’s events quite well and manage to lighten the show with just the right amount of jokes. I was suprised to enjoy this episode so much, after the last episode got me a little over-worried of Nanami’s useless personality. Although, she’s still useless…kamisama nanami clueless

So now Nanami is not only late to the Divine Assembly, it seems she is also stuck in the underworld somewhere with a guy whom she trusts – but she really shouldn’t. Girls, don’t do like this girl, please, and be so naive about everything: You will get raped. Nanami won’t because this is a RomCom, but she definitely should, because her naive and dependent personality should have made her endure at least this much.

kamisama akuraouAll things aside, it seems that Akuraou is peaceful for now (forcefully, but still) and protects Nanami for the time being. I don’t believe these guys will be coming back anytime soon to the Overworld though… Hopefully, however, this will allow Nanami to get some information on Mikage and where he possibly is…

I also thought we wouldn’t get to see Tomoe much this episode, but it seems I was wrong! The producers of this show know just exactly what we want to see, and this episode proved to be quite interesting on Tomoe’s side, him being super depressed about Nanami being gone and all. It shows that, when she’s around, she cures him of his loneliness and makes him live a happier life (then there’s also that love stuff and all that; can’t forget about that!)

kamisama lonely tomoe

Finally, I have to say that this ending was pretty lame… Without even some small attempt at making a decent cliffhanger, this episode managed to leave me hanging as I wondered if I hadn’t missed a part of the ending or something. Could it really end this abruptly? Apparently it can… In any case, it sucked pretty bad to see nothing happen in the last few seconds of the episode, and unless there’s a joke to make out of it there’s really no point in making such a crappy ending.

See you next week for some more Tomoe goodness!

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