Kamisama Hajimemashita 2 episode 4: Escape

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Due to his human-but-not-human nature, Kirihito gets captured by some youkai in the Netherworld. Nanami is given a chance to run, but instead she decides to stay and save Kirihito and to find the exit afterwards. After multiple problems, in the end Tomoe comes in and saves the day (as usual), and his touching reunion with Nanami comes to a close as Kirihito recognizes the fox, leaving with an ominous “I’ll get you back” kind of goodbye. Gee, what a great way to thank his saviours.


Oh man, next episode should prove to be great! 🙂

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So this week moved the plot forward a lot more than I expected it to – not only are Nanami and Kirihito already out of the Netherworld, but Okihito has already figured out that Tomoe is her familiar and Tomoe’s reaction to seeing Nanami again was much better than anticipated. From this, we managed to get more romance from Tomoe and Nanami, which is highly improbable considering the turtle speed of the manga. All this development probably means that the show has an idea of where to go with this, with a clear final episode in mind and probably a strong romantic ending. I might be getting my hopes up for nothing, but for now, this is the feeling that I’m getting from the show.

For now though, we’ll have a contract to remake between Nanami and Tomoe – which means another kiss. Hopefully it will be something super cute! Right? Somehow, I don’t believe so… I expect Tomoe to just kiss her while she’s asleep or something.

kamisama tomoe long hair 2This episode also made me a bit curious as the mechanics of their whole God Powers thing, because it didn’t quite all make sense… I mean, first of all the hammer can make things bigger or smaller, so how the hell did it manage to “turn back” Tomoe into his demonic form and break off the contract? Technically even if his powers are greater the contract should still be in effect… Also the long hair was totally unexpected here, considering that even if he did break the contract, how would the length of the hair even have anything to do with his “youkai powers” or “the contract” anyways? And I’m not even going into the details of this Demon Gate that “can’t be surveiled during the Divine Assembly except when Tomoe shows up where all of a sudden the War God has all the time to just sit there and wait for him to come.” I know this is a RomCom and we shouldn’t take realism or consistency of storyline as a thing, but it’d be really nice if they could actually make some sense out of it rather than leave plot holes everywhere and expect us to just understand that it’s just meant to make sense.

In the end, this episode was pretty worth the watch, although I expect next episode to be much, much more interesting. Seems like the series started out much faster than I expected and went directly into interesting plot matters and romance developments, which makes me quite happy since this is exactly what Kamisama Hajimemashita is especially good at.



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