Kamisama Hajimemashita 2 episode 5: Tomoe’s issues

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Following Tomoe’s revival as a yokai, Okuninushi throws him in prison for the time being, and when Nanami comes to him to renew the contract, he asks for some time alone to think about it. From there, he realizes his own liking towards Nanami and renews the contract himself, kissing her while she is asleep.

Afterwards, Nanami finally begins her work at the Divine Assembly, however she has so little followers that it doesn’t take her very long to finish. She then proceeds to help everyone else, and the end of the assembly has Nanami meet with Mikage, who finally explains the reason why he has been away for so long.


Well, that was certainly an episode full of emotions. What interested me the most, however, wasn’t the cuteness and the romance, but rather the more heavy explanation of Tomoe’s character.

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Tomoe definitely still has many more issues left for him to solve. As Mikage says, so long as Tomoe needs him, he will have to remain absent from his life. Now what this means, apart from the fact that Nanami and Tomoe can stay longer as Familiar and God (because it’s a useful way to keep them together for now), was a bit confusing even for me so let me spill it out in more details.

What Mikage means by this is quite simple, and can be described in 2 factors:

1) Tomoe needs to stop hating humans

2) Tomoe needs to be able to get over his love for Yukiji

kamisama mikage

The first one is pretty obvious already and has already been partly taken care of, as we saw earlier in this episode. For Tomoe to admit that he likes a human (even though she is a God) is a huge jump from the “I hate humans” character trait that was prominent in Season 1. The second one, however, is much tougher to handle. As a yokai, Tomoe’s nature makes things like forgetting about a lover (or, any past relationship for that matter) very, very difficult for him. Mikage was with him for long enough that Tomoe felt he could form a bond with him, and just at that moment, he was left abandoned by him suddenly, leaving him with a hole in his heart very similar to the one he had when Yukiji died. Which is why, if Tomoe was able to stop needing Mikage in order to keep living, then it would mean that he has gained the strength to eventually get over something like a past lover. Now, of course this doesn’t seem quite psychologically accurate in reality in my book, but seeing as this is an anime about fantastical things which can’t happen in reality, I’ll let that go for now.kamisama tomoe nanami kiss

All this rant above was useful now for me to explain what I think will happen in the next episodes; and that is, that I feel like the end of the season might revolve around Tomoe being able to admit his feelings to Nanami and to forget about Mikage. Of course, this realization makes me a bit sad because from there we probably won’t get to see the third season where Tomoe has to deal with his ‘dead lover’ issues, but at the very least I expect the final episode to include part of the character development which I just explained above.

Next episode begins the Tengu arc! I remember it vaguely from the manga, but as far as I can remember it’s fairly long and should probably take up 3 or 4 episodes before we enter into the final arc of the show. Expect to see more of our lovely side characters, which we haven’t seen in a while (Himemikoooo~).

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