Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 1 [first impression]: a new God

Momozono Nanami is a high school girl who just lost her place of living because of her debt-ridden father. She meets a mysterious man with glasses who offers her one, and as she visits the place she realized that it’s, in fact, a shrine where she is the new Earth deity. With this, she begins her duties, as the familiar Tomoe shuns her before she kisses him and makes him obey all her orders.

Innocent girl ain’t so innocent after all…




Man oh man, this is going to be the romance of the season. Which is pretty hard to obtain, considering 2 other really good romances have come out already, and more will probably come out.

To start off, I’ve gotta mention that I’ve read the manga, therefore I know what will happen, and I’ll probably be adding in some bits where I compare to the manga here and there. This won’t be the only thing I do though, so don’t fret over it too much if you’re one of those people that don’t read it.

I won’t eat you, I swear!

Moving on, everything about this is awesome! The show is absolutely hilarious, the character art is beautiful, the voice acting is great, and the overall concept is great. I’m ready to fangirl anytime now.

Any romance fan should put this on their list, and anyone who watches pretty much anything should also put this on their list. I’m thinking this is going to be a good hit, and the chances of it not being the case is pretty slim. Basically, this is a must-watch for the season. End of story.

Funny how these guys didn’t seem that great in the manga… They’re hilarious now.

Manga/anime comparison: How in hell’s name did the producers manage to make this so good? Here I thought I’d be stuck with the same redundancy I faced when watching the first few episodes of Accel World, only to be struck with originality, tons of humour, and absolutely great animation quality. The really-fun-and-catchy opening is also something to note, as well as the incredible hotness that Tomoe has given us in this animated version. He was gorgeous in the manga, and he’s even hotter now. I don’t know yet how the story will be, but so far, I give props to the people who took over the show.

Watching: Yes
Blogging: DAMN RIGHT. (actually I’ll share with ZeroGhj for times when I’m too busy)

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