Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 10: Tomoe’s story

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The truth is out, and it’s a sad one…kamisama enchantmentGoing back a few hundred years ago, we go to the moment when Mikage meets Tomoe for the first time, at a moment where the guy is depressed like no one else and wanders around aimlessly. The reason for that is that he swore he would spend his life with a girl he loved (remember that Yukiji bitch?), however in the end the girl died and therefore he can never reach her again. After listening to his story, Mikage casts an oblivion spell on him so that he can forget. We then get to see how Tomoe changed from the way he was before Nanami came to the shrine, and how much Mikage helped him find a reason to live.

Afterwards, we are back in our time zone, where Nanami is invited to a goukon and meets a few guys with her friends. As soon as she gets hit on, Tomoe shows up and kicks the guy in the face, possibly showing jealousy for the first time.

This guy's tongue sticks out in the weirdest ways. It's actually pretty intriguing.

This guy’s tongue sticks out in the weirdest ways. It’s actually pretty intriguing.



*gasp* There are so many things I want to say about this episode, I don’t even know where to start!

kamisama tomoe poutGuess I should go in chronological order… It turns out that Tomoe isn’t as hypocritical as I thought he would be. Having a broken heart, it was great that Mikage came out to save him from suicide, making him forget all about the human girl he loved so much. It must have been a really painful experience for Tomoe to lose a person for whom he cared for so deeply. Seeing this gave his character much more substance, making me like his actual character and not just his very absolute beauty.

kamisama young mikageAnother reason why I liked this episode so much was because of Mikage’s numerous appearances. In this first half of the episode, we saw just how much this man was important to Tomoe, with the why’s and the where’s and everything else. He helped him come back from the half-dead, he showed him a new way to live, and he completely “tamed” him in a short amount of time. The one bad thing about him was the fact that, after doing all that, he left without a word, leaving Tomoe in despair again, but we still don’t know the reason behind it, so I’ll hope that it’s a good one and that Mikage will still be as awesome as I think he is right now.

*looks away* No! Stop! Tomoe, stop looking so sad and adorable!

*looks away* No! Stop! Tomoe, stop looking so sad and adorable!

kamisama fountainI predicted that the second part of this episode wouldn’t be that interesting, however apparently the preview deceived me, since I found it quite entertaining to see Tomoe feel jealousy and show it to Nanami. Although I find that she thought a bit too much out of it, it’s true that there is obviously something there, meaning that Tomoe still has at least a tiny weeny bit of feelings for her. I’m glad we caught more development between the two, since it means that the story is still going well and not at a complete standstill like some romance shows do it. The pacing of this show so far is great, and to be honest I don’t find many bad things to say about the show in general. For its genre, it’s awesome.

Finally, I guess we now know the identity of that weird transvestite from before now. The man may be really feminine, but he’s still badass enough to be Otohiko the Wind deity, and one of Mikage’s really old friends.

Still as weird as ever.

Still as weird as ever.

Next episode is another date episode? Well well, how did that happen? Also, it seems like Mizuki will once more show how useless he is as he goes in town to learn more about the world whatever.



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