Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 11: date, take 2!

kamisama smile


Mizuki goes to town! He gets lost, scares himself to death unnfortunately he doesn’t actually die, meets a cute little girl and then goes back to the shrine, determined to stay there forever and never come out anymore.kamisama sake

In the second half of the episode, Nanami forces Tomoe out on a date to the amusement park. She tries to have as much fun as possible with him, however in the end worries about Yukiji too much and blows a gasket on him because he acts as though he didn’t know anything about it which he doesn’t. After everything is over though, Nanami reconciles with him, and in the end everything goes well as they both look at the night sky on the ferris wheel.



kamisama mizukiIt seems like this episode went with the “bitter and sweet” strategy. I hope the producers actually intended to make the first part of the episode so downright terrible, in order for the second part to shine more. Oh God, if it wasn’t done on purpose and they actually tried to make it interesting… I’d rather not think about this matter. Therefore, I will skip it and pretend nothing happened for the rest of the impression.

kamisama tomoe traditional clothesTomoe actually showed some human feelings in this episode 🙂 Okay, we’re not at the lovey-dovey part just yet, but for him to show something like enthusiasm towards roller coasters or to want to give Nanami such a pretty hairpin makes you wonder how much longer it will be until hie can feel true love. The more time he spends with her, the more human his feelings will become, and the more chances he has of forming an awesome couple with Nanami.

I never thought I'd ever see this priceless face. EVER.

I never thought I’d ever see this priceless face. EVER.

kamisama happyMoving on, Nanami was so god damn adorable in this episode! I’ve never seen her so smiley-faced and happy-go-lucky before. I really wish her the best of luck, and I hope to see more of her like this in the last few episodes, because it really is a nice thing to see. It was also interesting to see her so offended by a girl who lived 500 years ago, but I can understand her a bit when I see Tomoe not react to Nanami at all when he fell in love with someone before. Then again… Nanami doesn’t know this, but Tomoe doesn’t remember at all what happened before since Mikage made him forget all about it, therefore she has no reason to be pissed off at him. kamisama hairpin

Anyways, apparently this matter was solved without anyone talking about anything, which means it’s still just kind of floating around. This ticks me off a bit, as it means that in the end Nanami just doesn’t care about it anymore and let go of her jealousy magically, pretending like nothing happened. Last I knew, when this happens in relationships it just turns up later on and creates a lot of bullshit for a misunderstanding which could have been solved ages ago. It would have been better if Nanami had talked about it with Tomoe in details… Especially since there are only 2 episodes left, which I doubt will discuss this idea, and it will leave Nanami in the dark for the end of the show.kamisama run

It seems like the show is getting closer and closer to an open ending, seeing as next episode will not be a huge focus on Nanami’s and Tomoe’s relationship. If it was, the show could definitely pull off some anime original ending, which I don’t particularly like, but I like open endings even less (unless second seasons are on the green list). Unlike other shows, I think this one could actually pull off something good, seeing how the show develops. Already, we can see Tomoe’s feelings change, so in the last two episodes it’d definitely be possible to bring out something good and finish the series well. Unfortunately, seeing things go, I think the anime will leave it open for a second season which will never happen and leave the fans to go read the manga like everyone else. Boohoo.

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