Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 12: hell comes over

kamisama old again


Everyone believes that the shrine is abandoned, and in order to resolve the problem, Nanami decides that she will hold a festival. This episode consists in seeing Nanami prepare for this with decorations, invites and planning activities. She eventually decides that a kagura dance will be perfect for it, and so Tomoe puts her through rigorous training, since she only has a week to master it. kamisama dance

kamisama judgeMeanwhile, Otohiko stalks her for a little while (as he has been doing for the past 6 episodes), concludes that she shouldn’t be a land god, and decides to test her in order to see if Mikage chose her right. He spawns a bunch of miasma around the shrine, leaving Nanami to exorcise it, which she attempts to do with her minimal powers. Unfortunately, none of her charms work, and she is the told by Tomoe that she’s useless and should stay back while doing nothing. This causes her to run away and quit being a God, since “she can’t do anything anyways”.


Well, shit. Looks like everything’s going to hell.

Nanami has a good will, she has everything to be a land god, the only thing she is missing is for her to actually realize that she is one. Like Tomoe said in this episode, this girl thinks herself too much as a human. The more she thinks this, the more her powers will weaken, which is quite obvious when you think about the fact that God powers defy all human laws. She still has much to learn, but I believe in a while from now she will have the capability to do something awesome as a God. Her heart is good and her will is strong. Don’t give up yet, Nanami!

despite having to endure this guy.

despite having to endure this guy.

Fortunately, the fact that she has left Tomoe like Mikage has before leaves Tomoe at a complete loss, and will probably trigger some kind of flag for the next and last episode. I would love to see a kiss, but that might be a little to much. We’ll see about that next week, but if I don’t see some lovely time between Tomoe and Nanami, I might just flip a table. This shouldn’t be only manga advertisement and should definitely end with something good! Hopefully…

kamisama boxAt least we have the premise for it. An evil-thing-sealed-in-a-box-which-is-probably-a-demon has been released, miasma invades the whole shrine, Nanami has given up on everything and Tomoe is desperate over her departure. Moreover, there is a festival planned, which would give a nice and sweet ending to everything. Now all we need is lovey times.

like these :)

like these 🙂

My last concern with the possible Kamisama Hajimemashita ending is that there seems to be a lot of empty plot holes which we will never have time to see. The motive of Otohiko to want to stalk Nanami forever, for example, will always remain a mystery. It’s possible that he might do this because he is a good friend of Mikage and believes he has not made the right choice, which was mentioned a bit in this episode, but nothing was ever clear and it’ll be even less clear for Nanami, who doesn’t even know who the guy is.

kamisama mikage 2Another empty plot hole will be Mikage’s leave, which is something that I’m guessing can be eventually read in the manga (but I stopped reading it some time ago so I don’t know about that), and the fact that the anime actually added scenes (not included in the manga) where Mikage showed up, caring for Tomoe and Nanami, makes it weird that they wouldn’t conclude anything in the end with his presence. It renders him useless and just adds in another plot hole.

In the end, I thought this episode would be a bit boring, but it turned out to be quite interesting, and I was pretty satisfied with the dramatic ending where everything goes to hell. The beginning was entertaining since Tomoe showed a lot of consideration for Nanami, and finally I’m glad Mizuki is learning to play the flute because his “Wheeze” was absolutely glorious every time.kamisama flute

P.S.: I’d also like to add a short comment about Nanami’s dramatic run. It’s always the same, always unrealistic, and entertains me the greatest. It totally represents well the way any girl would leave when they feel sad…



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5 Responses to Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 12: hell comes over

  1. Mai says:

    Great post ^^

    If you’d get to read the manga again (and that would mean up to chapter 83 of the English scanlations), you would see those plot holes filled in indirectly or directly. Actually, if you would go as far as reading the Chinese scans (which is up to chapter 90), you would see that it’s a very well-thought-out overall story.

    This ep has left me with mixed emotions. I am happy with what they changed, but at the same time, as adaptations go, I feel sad that they are changing so much. I guess they’re really wrapping it up like it’s really a major thing, but I guess it would be nice if they would just follow the manga throughout with some of their changes. I do praise the consistency of the conflict in Tomoe, but I guess…because I read the manga in its current entirety, I feel that the anime is so short and its potential unexplored.

    If you get to read the manga, the romance develops well unlike most shoujo manga I’ve read. There are a lot of lovey dovey scenes XD, and it’s those kind of scenes that do not feel forced–unlike most of the shoujo mangas I’ve read (sadly, it includes those two other shoujo manga that got adapted as anime this season). And the rumor is still VERY there.

    Have you read up to the appearance of the Bloody King? His relation with Tomoe would be filled in too, and you would see him un-shadowed in the later chapters of the manga.

    Thanks for this post! ^^ Tomorrow is the last ep, and hopefully it would be a good one. ^^

    • Mai says:

      scratch rumor. I meant humor. lol

    • Myst says:

      I’ve read the manga up until… Chapter 60 or so? About then, there was like 10 chapters missing and since I couldn’t find them I eventually just stopped reading. I think it involved Himemiko being chased or something… And that’s where I stopped.

      Overall, I find the anime was too short for such a long shot romance. Something like Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun had terrible pacing and a bunch of random plot holes, but at least stuff happened and we had more than enough romance in it. With Kamisama Hajimemashita, considering Tomoe can’t just have feelings right away then it’s not really possible for good romance to happen within 12 episodes. At least 24 episodes would probably have been better, and hell yes if there was a second season after that to continue everything and give it a good conclusion. Unfortunately, it seems to me like this was a manga advertisement more than anything else, and I don’t feel like I can really qualify it as good as an anime itself. It’s not bad, but, frankly, nothing happens in terms of romance apart from one episode.

      • Mai says:

        I see :o. So true. ^^ I was expecting when they first announced there’ll be an anime, they’ll have 20+ eps too. They could cover a lot, and with the manga usually updating with them, I expected them to reach the seemingly final arc at least. It was really sad to see the anime shortened and skipping chapters. I do feel that it’s not really living up to the potential its source has.

        I only wish there would be a second season. I was also expecting they would cover the Kurama arc because the OP showed parts of it and the ED had Kurama in his tengu robe or whatever. =.=

        • Myst says:

          A second season would definitely make it better and would probably fill in a lot more, and I wouldn’t be that surprised since the anime was pretty well done and the show is quite popular at the moment. I’m still disappointed that it wasn’t 24 episodes, but I’m sure it would help.

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