Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 2: Izumo

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Since Nanami is now allowed to go to Izumo for the assembly of the Gods, she prepares herself for this and buys a plane ticket to get there. Worried that Tomoe will get judged if he shows up, however, she denies him access to Izumo and decides to bring Mizuki with her instead, but ends up falling from his shiki on her way there and ends up alone. Thankfully, Mikage shows up to help her find her way to the assembly, where Nanami is ready to confront the rest of the Gods with a high head.


One phrase: Thank God(s) that Nanami has friends. If she had no friends I’m pretty sure she’d be dead already, because that girl is useless on her own.

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This episode only emphasized her weakness more clearly, as she found herself completely clueless to what she needed to do in yet another situation where she wanted to look strong and powerful. I understand that she was supposed to have a guide to go there, but gee, what a naive way to think that maybe she should know what the hell’s gonna happen if something goes wrong. Mikage was right, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. What are Nanami’s strengths? Kindness, adaptability, and strength to act using the powers that are around her. Her weaknesses? She’s useless on her own. Completely useless, naive, not strong and reliant on anyone that offers a hand. Honestly, let’s hope this girl doesn’t get raped one day by some random lone soul looking for an easy target.

kamisama kirihito faceNevertheless, this episode was pretty fun. Nanami has met more clearly Kirihito, a.k.a. the Demon Akura-ou, who used to be Tomoe’s best friend until our fox demon disappeared to some other place – more details to come on that later, hopefully. All we know so far from Kirihito is that he looks really gorgeous, doesn’t seem to care about alarmingly large injuries and also wants to conquer the world. Totally a trustworthy guy, right? Right. Meanwhile, Nanami is about to go fight a head-on war with racism and age old prejudice, and thankfully enough she seems to have her game face on. I hope for her that everything goes fine, although it’s pretty obvious that after all of this she’ll most likely just feel bad about herself, spend a whole episode reminiscing about being weak, and then suddenly get back up just like nothing’d happened. For the type of girl she is, she may not be best suited to the role she was assigned, but at least I can easily associate with her as a girl who is also the type to crash and get back up more times in a day than you’d think possible.

Now now, it seems that Mikage is also more visible now than ever before; does this mean that one day he will reappear completely as the Land God that he is in order to finally do his duty? I mean, the guy’s been ditching his job for so many years now, he should really have been fired from it long ago, but it is his job, so it’d be nice to at least have some decent explanation as to why he would show up and disappear whenever the heck he wants to. At least he was helpful this time, so I’ll forgive him… But I sincerely hope we get more information on him this season.

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Next episode is Divine Assembly time! I’ll be enjoying all of the bitch fights to come *smiles*.

See you next week!

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