Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 2: Kurama the idol

I cannot begin to fathom over how priceless this picture is.


Now forced to be Momozono Nanami’s familiar, Tomoe rages to a point beyond belief. Since he has no choice, he decides to at least do his job properly and takes care of the mansion, as well as attempting to teach her how to increase her divine powers which fails miserably, by the way.

it’s k, it’s k.

Meanwhile, our new land God learns that Kurama, a super popular idol, is now going to her school, causing her to fangirl like crazy. Her kya-ing is stopped quickly by Tomoe, who at first refuses to let her go to school due to a possible yokai attack. In the end, he lets her go, one one condition:


She goes to school, and in the end it turns out that Kurama is in her class, and he’s also a huge bastard. He insults her and makes her cry, and as he suddenyl gives her 30,000 yen, Nanami gets a bad feeling from it and Tomoe comes in to save the day and make everyone believe that Nanami is an aristocrat and that the 30,000 comes from her own money.

The next day, Nanami goes to school without the hood, and it doesn’t take long before Kurama shows his true nature, as a Tengu yokai from Mount Kurama, aiming for Nanami. Tomoe stops him right away,transforming him into an ostrich and almost ending the conflict with a new delicacy for supper. Nanami stops him eventually, and the episode ends with Kurama being forced to act like a good boy and not eat the new land God bad ostrich. BAD.




Everyone, meet Kurama! One of the characters I reaaaaaally don’t like in the story.

Full of himself, demon-like, evil and annoying, it’s pretty much all there in this episode. What made me happiest this time was when Tomoe changed Kurama into an ostrich, because all of a sudden I couldn’t hear his annoying voice anymore and everything felt right.

On another note, Nanami apparently has to be wary of mighty demons that could eat her alive. If they do, they would become land gods, and since Nanami is human and has barely any powers so far, she’s an easy prey. Or so they think… Tomoe isn’t far behind her, kicking ostriches out out of the way and making delicious meals.

If it wasn’t for him, it seems like Nanami would be useless as she is. He’s the one who cleans up, he takes care of demons, he makes dinner, heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if he kept noting down those shrine requests, since Nanami hasn’t started doing anything yet on that subject. She’s sure to become stronger, but right now it’s a good thing she’s got Tomoe by her side.

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