Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 3: Reunion


Nanami gets a message from a talking bird, telling her that the “Princess of the Lake” will be coming to visit. Hearing this, Tomoe decides that Nanami won’t meet her at all, scared of keeping the shrine’s reputation, and Nanami replies by spying on them and showing up anyways because listening to orders is overrated anyways.

It turns out that the reason why Himemiko appeared in the first place is to be able to meet a human boy! One whom she fell in love with, 10 years ago, and can’t get off her mind. Nanami goes to town to try and find this boy, and finally meets him coincidentally at the ice cream shop she used to go to all the time.

After Nanami does small talk with Kotarou, he and the now transformed Himemiko finally meet. In the end, what seems to be innocent, pure and absolutely adorable love ensues.



^.^ d’Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Himamiko+Kotarou forever~~

Ok, I might be slightly exaggerating. I mean, they’ve just met and all… You’ve got to admit, though, that they are one hell of an adorable couple.

Starting with Himemiko, a character which shows up much more later on (if the anime gets that far), it’s hard to explain my love for her. She’s so adorable! The fact that she’s a “Swamp” Princess (oddly transformed into “Princess of the Lake” in the anime translation, which sounds a lot prettier than what it actually is) and her odd appearance only emphasizes her moe personality. It seems to me like this was done on purpose, in order to remind us that superficial beauty isn’t everything, and that what counts on the inside is sometimes much better than that. In the show Kurama’s a hottie yet I hate him, while I absolutely love Himemiko and that’s not about to change.

As for Kotarou, he’s definitely a shy little guy, however his personality definitely makes it so that his possible relationship with Himemiko is darn adorable. A geek and a cute little demon, I think this is an awesome combo. Why does Tomoe not agree? 🙁

Another topic which was brought about here was the idea that “love between humans and demons is possible”. Tomoe was obviously against it, which tells a lot about the problems that will ensue in his relationship with Nanami, however this episode was a bit of a foreshadow, showing that Nanami doesn’t give two shits about this idea, and that she believes love is the most important she has a point. It also showed that it is possible for humans and demons to love each other, since that’s pretty much what’s happening with Himemiko and Kotarou.

I BELIEVE!!!! Love between humans and demons is possible, dangit. If not, this show wouldn’t be a romance. Nyah.

Finally, it seems to me like Nanami is getting used to her godly powers a lot more. Her first mission has been accomplished! She decided to go against Tomoe’s recommendations, to follow her instincts and to accept a request which no one else would have wanted. This goes to show how she can become a great God with good authority, since she’d rather go with logic rather than old principles that don’t make sense to her. She’s a good person, and she definitely isn’t afraid to go against the crowd in order to do what she thinks is good.

Moreover, we saw that her powers are growing a little bit, with that small “push” she gave Kotarou. Her power isn’t strong at all for now, but it’s amazing how much originality Nanami can show with her powers in order to get what she wants. When she gets stronger… Man, she’ll probably be really strong.

Next episode, meet the White Snake! A character which I dislike very much, but whatever. He’s not as bad as Kurama, so it’s k.

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