Kamisama Hajimemashita Episode 4: white snakes and how much I hate them

Kicks are so overused in romances. But so priceless none the less.


A white snake has marked Nanami as her bride!

However, this doesn’t affect her until later in the episode. Right now, what’s important is that Tomoe is going to school with Nanami~

All’s well and cute until Nanami gets captured and brought to a shrine. Guess we didn’t forget about that white snake for so long… I wish we did. Nanami wishes for Tomoe to come, but until he stops breaking vases and finds a way to get to her, she can only explore her whereabouts and endure Mizuki. It doesn’t take long, however, before she reads Mizuki’s problems and realizes that something is clearly off: the shrine has no deity.

Tomoe finally shows up, saves the day, and in the end doesn’t give the snake as bis a beating as he should deserve, because Nanami realizes how lonely he is and promises to see him again when he feels lonely. In the end, Tomoe realizes just how fragile she is, and decides he will stay by her side and make sure she doesn’t break.


I didn’t like this episode…

I hate this snake. He shows up later on, and I still hate him. Honestly. Moreover, the storyline in this episode just felt rushed and undeveloped. Mizuki went from being the bad guy to a pitiable guy in a really short amount of time, and then to a bad guy again, and then to a pitiable guy again… So, what exactly should I think of this kid? His storyline probably should’ve been done in 2 episodes and not one, although if that happened I probably would have bitched out that too, since I hate this guy’s story.

I also noticed a few things which seemed rather bad quality to me, like the way Tomoe hugged Nanami when he saw her. Tomoe was pissed, and all of a sudden he turns around hugging her? It doesn’t sound so bad when you say it, but the scene really surprised me because of either bad animation or bad voice acting. When Tomoe called Nanami out, he didn’t sound like he was going to do that at all.

Moving on to the good parts of this episode, this time Nanami showed very good insight in reading and understanding Mizuki’s feelings. She once more showed how different she could be from other people by actually pitying her kidnapper, showing no hate whatsoever even after what he had done. This is only yet another proof that she may not be a God just for hell’s sake after all… Looks like Mikage had good insight also.

Tomoe going to school was also fun, seeing as all the girls at school were fawning over him like crazy. This will only be useful later on, but now at least whenever Nanami goes to school he’ll be able to protect her without stalking her through the window (’cause it’s kinda creepy that way).

Anyways… It seems like the show is following well the manga with a few order changes, and so far it makes the anime look like a bunch of short stories put together randomly. For non-manga readers, don’t worry, I don’t know how long they will bring this through but it should come together in the end at least a bit.

Next episode, the fun starts! Meet the thunder deity and chibi-Tomoe! A sight not to miss, trust me.

Tomoe service~~

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