Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 5: here comes thunder


The shrine has yet another visitor! This time, it is the thunder deity, Narukami, and she’s not here for a friendly conversation. She goes to Nanami’s school and tries to take the shrine away from her. When Tomoe tries to save her, the deity whacks Tomoe into chibi version which somehow gives him a fever, takes Nanami’s divine seal and leaves with an evil laugh and a nice goodbye.

Screwed as they are and with nowhere to live, they run into Kurama, who lets them sleep over for the time being. We learn that Tomoe cannot be cured unless he returns to his normal form,which he can only get back by the hammer that Narukami possesses.

He eventually goes back to the shrine, causing Nanami great pain, but eventually she runs to get him, saves him and thus, Narukami has failed and the episode ends.









Tomoe is so damn cute!!!!

WHAT THE SHIZZLES HOW COULD SOMEONE SO ADORABLE EXIST!!!! Any logical person would tell me that he doesn’t, which is true, but that’s details.

Honestly, this episode didn’t even need an actual plot for me to be happy about it. I was too busy fangirling interiorly about how god damn cute he looked as a kid. When I learnt he wasn’t going to stay like this any longer, I was actually a little disappointed, until I saw that he transfirmed back into his long hair form, which made me go crazy again.


It seems like all deities who come to Nanami aren’t as nice and cutesy as Himemiko was when she showed up. Narukami is one hell of a jealous bitch, if you ask me. Fortunately, she’s not too important in the story, and I doubt she’ll show up much more in the rest of this anime. One important character, however, was that red-haired dude who kept following Nanami around, gathering info on her. I completely forgot who he was, but he seems suspiciously important, and I don’t trust his guts for the life of me.

*pauses to fangirl*

We also got a bit of Tomoe-Nanami development, since Tomoe was forced to have her care for him and protect him, instead of it being the opposite. As he was expressing his sadness, he also showed how much he cared for Nanami, which means they are getting closer and closer. As he kissed her again in order to form the contract, he showed very well how much he was afraid of being alone again. I think Mikage’s disappearance for 20 years left a big hole in him, and he only has Nanami left to fill it up; it would explain why he formed the contract once more and voluntarily made himself a slave.

Therefore giving us this absolutely gorgeous scene.

Nanami is such a strong character! Her will to go save her familiar was crazy intense once she figured out that Tomoe didn’t cheat on her with that crazy bitch. I was really proud of her courage, and she once more proved that she can definitely be a good deity (contrary to popular belief among deities).

Kurama also redeemed himself a bit more in this episode. He was less hateable, as he actually showed a nice side of him by letting Nanami and Tomoe live in his house. The humourous scenes he took part in were also the best and made me giggle like crazy.

Finally, I thought I’d mention how artsy this show is. The character design is so god damn gorgeous for every single character that this show could probably pull off not even having anything of substance–oh wait, that’s exactly what it’s doing. No good plot, but it’s pretty and has tons of cute things, so everyone’s watching it. Hey, it’s romance though, so we all just care about seeing sexy guys and cute scenes anyways. Honestly, if I was to talk about bad points, I’d say that I find myself having trouble finding anything which is worth developing over. The lack of long term plot in this show is pretty intense, and I hope they’ll fix this soon enough.

Next episode, Nanami is sick! Which means that Tomoe transforms into her… Wait, what?

*sigh* no more Chibi Tomoe screencaps…

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