Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 6: cross-dressing and a visit to the past

Please stay like this forever 😀


Ever since the second kiss with Tomoe in order to re-form the contract, Nanami has been feeling weird. Her heart keeps beating really fast, she blushes when she sees him… I think this is love? We’ll only know about it later, since she then catches a cold and stays home, leaving us with Tomoe as the main character for this episode.

I’d be blushing too

Tomoe transforms into Nanami and replaces her at school, where Kurama hits on her bad and where demons haunt. Tomoe gets rid of the demons, hates on Kurama and saves a cute girl all in one day. Meanwhile, still at home, Mizuki comes for a visit, and decides to try and prove to her that Tomoe is a bad person by showing what he did in the past.

As it turns out, Tomoe used to be a wild beast who destroyed villages with other demons, killing many people for no reason. This traumatizes Nanami, who goes back to the present while wanting to keep the illusion that this is only a dream.


It looks like we’re finally getting somewhere with this~

I was happy to find Nanami questioning her own feelings at the beginning of the episode. It seems like she’s almost realized that she likes Tomoe, and I won’t go in details too much since next episode will be all about it, but I’m curious to see how she’ll react to the realization that she likes Tomoe.

The next thing that is definitely worth mentioning is about Tomoe’s past. As it turns out, this guy was a sadistic bastard when he was younger. The only thing which made me think that he may not be such a bad guy in the end was that he protected Nanami/Yukiji against the Bloodthirsty King, whom we haven’t met yet. Maybe he’s not so bad after all? Who knows…

Concerning this episode only, it seems to me like Tomoe just made Nanami look like a mafia boss for a day. She looked so damn badass and made my day much better with the fights she put up with Kurama. I swear, those two together are so funny. I hate Kurama, but not when he’s with Tomoe.

In the end, we learned a bunch of things in this episode, and I’m glad since it looks like we’re finally going to add a bit of substance to the main characters. This was a main flaw in the show, and it seems like we’re finally getting a bit more development now that we’re reaching the halfway-point of the show. It took them long enough, I guess…Next episode is a date episode! I don’t know how that turned out since Tomoe would never agree, but stay tuned and let’s hope that something good comes out of it!



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