Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 7: first love


Tomoe is popular~

Which is totally understandable.

Meanwhile, Kurama and Ami, the little girl he saved before, start their own little romance as Ami thanks him for what he did. Later, a classmate asks Nanami to let her go home with Tomoe so that she can talk to him, which causes Nanami to feel super jealous. In the end, Tomoe declines his classmate’s offer and goes to see Nanami instead, which, in the end, causes Nanami to realize her own feelings about Tomoe.

That is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.

After a bit of advice from her friends, Nanami takes Tomoe out for “something different”, a.k.a. they go on a date to the aquarium. Tomoe’s reaction is a bad one, and in the end Nanami confesses when she sees that the date was completely pointless. This causes Tomoe to basically drop her down a 20-story building, and he eventually saves her again, causing Nanami to fall for him even more.


Talk about falling in love…

It seems like Tomoe overestimated Nanami: a girl going through puberty is not something to take lightly. Kurama had a very good point, and it’s basically the main reason why I believe that Tomoe’s rejection was somewhat necessary. With him being a demon who can live forever, he can’t allow himself to fall for a girl unless she’s certain to love him for a long time, and considering this is Nanami’s first love, there’s no guarantee that what she feels is going to stay for a long time. Romances usually don’t consider that idea, but it’s a pretty important theme in this show, where Tomoe could live and love the same person way after their death. It makes the relationship of those two much more difficult than usual, and considering even the manga isn’t that far, I wonder how that’s going to go.

What I didn’t really agree with was the way Tomoe conveyed this. Man, this guy doesn’t have any speech skill whatsoever. Forget about explaining the logical reasoning behind this rejection, why not just suspend her off a skyscraper and hope she’ll forget about her feelings? Tomoe is a dumb idiot who doesn’t know how to talk to girls properly. I guess that wasn’t enough for him though, he had to drop her and hurt her feelings so much that she’d hate on him and use her powers to prevent him from getting to her. Great job, foxy. At least he still managed to save her… I’m curious about that “don’t ever touch me again” order that Nanami gave him… She may not have realized exactly what that implied.

Apart from this huge plot point, the rest of the episode was somewhat bland. I mean, 10 minutes were wasted on school life that we don’t care about. It was interesting to see Kurama react at least a little to Ami, and I wonder if their relationship is ever going to go any further than that. Ami is pretty darn adorable with her strawberry panties and all, but Kurama’s an arrogant asshole who only cares about himself, so we’ll see how this weird combination could ever turn out.


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