Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 8: let’s go to the beach!

This is where all the fanservice happens, right?


Following last week’s confession, it looks like in the end Nanami did fall off the roof, leaving her as a ghost for the rest of the season– or not, but she definitely acts like it. Super depressed, Tomoe doesn’t even lay a finger on her now, and in order to cheer her up Ami decides that everyone will go to the beach to have fun.

Since Tomoe can’t go in the water for some reason, Mizuki tags along in order to protect Nanami from water demons, and takes advantage of Tomoe’s distance to try and get closer to her.


In the end, the red-haired guy we had a glance at a few episodes ago shows up again, almost drowning Ami and forcing Tomoe to go in the water in order to save her. This causes the wrath of Sukuna, the Dragon Lord of the Sea, who comes back to collect his debt from a long time ago: payback for the eye Tomoe stole 500 years earlier. He captures Tomoe, and upo seeing Nanami so desperate, tells her that she can get him back only if she manages to find back the eye Tomoe stole.


Poor Nanami! It seems like as soon as one bad thing ends, another one has to start up again… She only had to cheer up and get over the rejection for another deity to run away with Tomoe, getting her depressed and desperate again. Being a deity isn’t always exactly fun.

Random note: she looks absolutely adorable.

At least, she still has determination to do the impossible in order to get Tomoe back. Finding a 500 year-old eye? Piece of cake. She only has to go back to the past and steal it from the evil, sadistic, powerful and merciless Tomoe from long ago. That’s all… We’ll see how that goes next episode.

I’m really curious to know why Tomoe gouged that eye out of Sukuna. I mean, his eyes are powerful, but seeing how powerful Tomoe already was, why would he want even more power? It’s probably something we’ll only get to know later, I guess.

We’re also slowly starting to see bits of an upcoming story arc, which could even be the last one of the anime series for all I know. It involves Mikage, Tomoe, and… a flaming homosexual?

I think the description fits him quite well.

As weird as he is, he’s a deity, he has powers and he seems smart enough to plan a bunch of things in order to reach his goal, whatever that is. I dunno if he’s really evil, however, since Mikage was with him in this episode…. We’ll leave that mystery for later.

Finally, I thought I’d use this episode to mention a character which is always there, and yet always forgotten in every post: the narrator. Having an old lady recite parts of the story and add a humorous side to things is pretty generic, but it’s one of those things that I actually like if done well. It brings the spectator closer to the characters, and makes us feel like we’re more into the show than just watching a TV/Computer screen for 20 minutes.

Next episode will be a continuation of the current arc. Stay tuned!

Just thought I’d end this with a beautiful Tomoe picture~

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