Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 9: cheating, fabulousness and a short visit


It turns out that Tomoe has already stolen the dragon eye in the moment that Nanami shows up. He runs away, and Nanami chases him all the way down to a place where she witnesses him caring for and loving a fine human girl, to whom he gives the eye as medicine.

*looks down at scene with disappointment*

Once she’s back to the present, Nanami remembers what a witch told her: that she had an eye inside her. She makes that witch take it out, but the evil witch is, as her name states, evil, and tries to run away with the eye. That is, until Mizuki takes it back, also kissing Nanami and becoming her familiar at the same time.

Once that is over with, they both go to the Dragon Palace, where they meet the King’s wife and find Tomoe, who isn’t helpless at all like he wanted us to think. Nanami comes before that guy has the chance to kill the Dragon King, and eventually she brings Tomoe back home, now having 2 familiars.



Well well, what an interesting episode this was. Many characters showed some pretty good development, which is exactly what made this episode so good.

First off, looks like Tomoe suddenly turned into a big fat hypocrite. “I don’t fall in love with humans!” Bullshit. He looked pretty darn happy with that girl. Although, it doesn’t seem like she exists anymore, so he probably got hurt real bad when the girl died for whatever reason. Maybe that’s why he rejected Nanami… We’ll need some more information on that later, since right now everything is still blurry when it comes to that. So far, I just know that he’s a hypocritical bastard. End of story.

That’s about the glare I’m casting on him right now ^.^

Next in line is Mizuki, the flaming homosexual who’ll go yaoi for Tomoe. Okay, I know that’ll only happen in doujins since he already declared his love for Nanami, but come on, this guy is ridiculously feminine. His whole life is full of flying colours and happy bonding.It’s to a point where it’s just a bit scary and creepy. I don’t like that guy… Never did, never will.

The road to manhood is a long one…

Finally, I realized in this episode just how much Nanami was a huge idiot. A selfless one, which makes her pretty cool, but man that girl is stupid. Saving her love rival and at the same time giving away the only thing that would save Tomoe, then getting tricked by a witch in the simplest way ever, and finally saying that she doesn’t mind having this unrequited love for ever weren’t the best ideas she ever came up with. A selfless idiot, that’s what she is alright.

But we love her that way 🙂

Going back to the actual story, Nanami has decided that her love would stay one-sided for a long time, but it seems like Tomoe is allowed to touch her again. Everything will go back to normal again, with the only change that Mizuki will now be permanently living with them. Hopefully he can help Tomoe with feeling at least a little bit of love for Nanami? Now that Nanami has realized her own feelings, I’ll be expecting a little bit more substance than what we got so far, when they were simply developing a close relationship. Hopefully they won’t deceive me… Now that the Dragon Clan arc is over, we’ll need something good to come after it, since the last two episodes were pretty entertaining.

Next episode, we’ll get to know how Mikage came to get bloodthistry Tomoe to become his familiar. There’s one thing I’m curious about… Does a kiss also form familiar contracts in between two guys? We’ll see this next episode… (As well as some other random story I don’t give a damn about).

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