Kamisama Hajimemashita final impression

Here we are! After 13 weeks, Kamisama Hajimemashita has finally ended. A show with such a large manga fanbase had many expectations to follow, and it is now time to analyze it as best as we can to try and figure out if it has met them.kamisama title

Final reviews are meant to analyze thoroughly shows, and therefore are separated into different categories and are much longer than usual. The main and secondary plot are observed, as well as the characters, the soundtrack and the animation. Finally, I give ratings for everything, which means that if you hate reading you can just scroll down for these.


Main Plot

kamisama otohikoThe main plot of Kamisama Hajimemashita was probably the place which included the most plot holes, unfortunately for this show. By taking a very long manga and shortening it to a small 13-episode series, it was quite hard for the show to include the whole plot that was in the manga without forgetting anything or making the show seem like it was incomplete. In order to make it a better anime, many things were omitted, some stories showed up much earlier than they should have, and eventually it was hard not to notice the many things which were obviously forgotten. The identity of Otohiko, for example, of the reason why Mikage left, are only examples.

I'd be blushing too

As for Tomoe’s and Nanami’s relationship, it was… short I guess, but as a whole, for a person who hasn’t read the manga, overall it was well done. There was development all the way through the end, the kiss was a good conclusion and it didn’t feel rushed but rather like it was just the time for it, and I was happily satisfied with their relationship overall. I would have liked to see Tomoe a bit less lenient when it came to loving humans, considering his feelings at the start of the show, but with the lack of time, it was decent enough that I don’t think of it as something too serious.

Side Stories

HIMEMIKOOOOOOO!!!! Why were you not there as much as I would have liked you to be?!kamisama new himemiko

It feels like the producers wanted to make sure as much as possible that all the side characters would show up. Unfortunately for us, this meant extra, useless side stories which didn’t contribute to the plot. Like any romance, however, these are nice and refreshing to have, and the only concern I have with them is that all side characters had almost no development at all since they had to share their “side story” space with all the other side characters. Kurama’s identity as a Tengu demon was quickly forgotten, Himemiko became best friends with Nanami despite not having seen her at all after episode 3, and Mizuki…. well…. He’s basically the only character who was developed enough, but I hate him, so… F**k off.kamisama sake


kamisama sleepyhead

Should I say the good or the bad? Probably both, which is a shame because the great
developments are quite faster to discuss than the bad ones. I liked the way Tomoe’s feelings developed, and overall towards Nanami he reacted well and I found it half realistic. The other half involves the disappearance of his hatred towards humans, but I discussed that already.

Moving on to the bad points: Nanami. Not that I hold anything against her in particular…

I mean, she's cute and all...

I mean, she’s cute and all…

But her character development sucked. Real bad. She might have developed feelings for Tomoe, but that’s pretty much all we saw that made sense. We didn’t get any of Nanami’s problems resolved apart from her lack of power. She still thinks she’s human, and now kamisama surpriseapparently all problems are forgotten and gone, just like when she learned about Yukiji. Nanami never learns in this anime: she forgets. All of a sudden, something which was so big that it would make her run dramatically down a road becomes a small deal and doesn’t need to be fixed. I was quite disappointed in the bad development she went through, and I feel like she hasn’t learned a single thing in the whole show.


The OP was fun! It had too many still shots, not enough stuff happening and was overall boring, but the song was so god damn catchy, I’ll forgive everything else. As for the ED, well… Let’s be honest, it sucked. The only thing that made me happy about it was this:kamisama title

The rest of the OST was okay I guess, to be honest I didn’t really notice anything in particular about it.


kamisama tomoe cuteFor romance shows, it’s necessary to have hot guys and pretty sparkles. In Kamisama Hajimemashita, the whole show was surrounded in hot guys and pretty sparkles. Honestly, taking screencaps for this show took me forever due to all the prettiness I couldn’t forget. I got many, many, many, many pictures of Tomoe, and the vividness of the colours as well as the overall art was great. The animation in general was okay, I found there were a lot of weird still shots, but it was still enough for a romance, which usually does’t require much movement. kamisama swimsuit


Did I like Kamisama Hajimemashita? Yes I did. The show was a bit boring towards the middle, but in the end they wrapped it up nicely, and I enjoyed watching this carefree show about a boy and a girl falling in love. Was it good, compared to other romances? Nope. Too many plot holes, bad development for the main character, and overall what made this show so popular was its already-made fanbase and the pretty colours. It wasn’t bad, but I can’t say it was especially original either.kamisama real kiss

In the end, I still believe this show should get a second season, in order to fill in all the things which are missing. It would greatly improve the rating of the show, and I’m sure its popularity would go beyond manga readers, which is something animes are there for.


Main Plot – 7/10

Side Stories – 8/10

Characters – 6/10

OST – 7/10

Animation – 9/10

Overall – 7.5/10

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