Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 4: Land of the Dead

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So, this show is slowly starting to take a path in some general direction. Slowly I’m starting to see where things might be going and what we can expect from the show. For now I’m still uncertain if the show will turn toward a more episodic nature of short adventure or if it will still have a great general line and goal that will progress as thing goes on. One thing is certain though, the show is definitively going the more innocent and adventure route from now on. I expect that Ai will be this innocent little girl stumbling into a ton of really sad and cruel reality of her world and that she will somehow easily overcome all those hardships and make the world a better place.

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I can’t say I dislike the show just yet, everything is so beautiful and the universe is definitively something to behold and which could be really wish in story. I still want to learn more about just about everything that is in that universe, I just hope that there will be something a bit more solid when it comes to the story as it just seems like currently we are floating on very empty characters. Ai is innocent and really stupid, Scar is not human and Yuki is silent and doesn’t have a lot of emotions to convey to the audience. In the end it seems that just about every character is completely emotionless and sometimes I feel like the dead feels more alive than any of the living characters we have seen so far. After all even Hambart never showed emotion until he was dead and the only other people we ever saw display emotions were the dead people of the village and the every single one of the other dead people we’ve seen so far.

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Now we are in a land of the dead and it seems livelier than anything we have seen thus far. It is a bit grim to see that many gravekeeper’s grave in front of the city, but at the same time once you see how beautiful and lively it is inside, you realize that they have good reasons to protect it. We might not know what the dark side of Ostrus is yet, but I’m pretty sure it cannot be as dark as it was suggested. I mean it is not like anyone can be killed anymore, so murder isn’t a problem, I feel like there is just no consequence to anything anymore if every are already all undead. I think maybe the dark side of the city might be people tendencies to be serial rapist or sadist who torture people, but I somehow wouldn’t that find really disturbing at all. I mean if I was eternal I’d probably try killing, torturing and raping innocent people, just because in the end it all doesn’t matter. Life really becomes meaningless without an end point.

kamisama no inai nichiyoubi Yuki

Overall I think this episode was really interesting, but I remain rather skeptical of what the show holds for the future. I just don’t trust a show which has very few characters and those characters are very impersonal, but everything in Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi has been beautifully well done so far, so I still have great hope for the show.

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