Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 6: The Idol of Murder

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We finally had the third and last episode in the dead city of Ostrus, and it was quite an interesting one. We got to finally understand who Ulla really was and why she was constantly hidden in such fashion. Turns out that the little girl is alive and her touch, her voice or simply her gaze is enough to kill any human being. She really is the perfect literal example of a femme fatale. Although her power is one that would definitively lead anyone to have miserable life of loneliness in any regular scenario, in this world of the ever living undead, it is actually not such a drastic power. Losing ones life in that world is about as significant as losing your virginity. It does carry some consequences, but in the end I feel like death in the world of Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi is but a stepping stone in ones life and you can just keep on experiencing the world and seeing everyone you love even after you lost your life.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ulla

So what some people could consider a tragedy, became something that really doesn’t mean much for Ulla and everyone else. In the end in 50 years she is going to die too and so will everyone else on earth, everyone will be dead and gone to her side and therefore she will be as free as anyone else. Now while the City of Ostrus might be an exception in the world as one of the only country where the dead can live peacefully and harmoniously together, I’m sure that death is somewhat much more problematic in different part of the world.

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I must admit that while I did enjoy the episode, I found it to be quite the letdown from what I was hoping for. After all we were warned of Ostrus’s darkside and we were constantly reminded that something evil lurked into that city, but in the end what was so evil turned out to be a little girl with super powers. There was no real malice anywhere, everything was simply put in place to protect the interest of the people of Ostrus.  The same goes for Ai too, I feel like she was overreacting quite a bit to the severity of everything that is happening with this immigration policy, but I already talked about that in my last post.

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In the end we have reached the end of this arc and I feel it was a lot less entertaining than the first. I just feel like the show is really way too fun and happy compared to what I had in mind. In the first arc we had a little girl have her whole village die and her father right after. In the second arc she discovered the city of the dead, but nothing change from it. The only new thing that came from it is that Scar now has a baby, but that remains rather weird and benign for now. We will probably see the implication of having such a young life into the world in the next arc, but they are sure to stand out, a gravekeeper with a baby and a half-human half-gravekeeper girl, there is simply no way they can walk around without being noticed and hated by someone. They sure don’t make it easy on themselves.

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