Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 7: School = Prison

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On into a new arc and adventure with Ai and some new friends. It seems that Scar having a baby wasn’t enough to let the focus go there and instead we will be completely separated from it and we probably won’t get to see it for another 3 episodes or so.

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New arc, new adventure, new people. Now instead of having an adventure kind of childish but with mature people behind it to support the main character, we are entering an arc where everyone is a child and there are no sound minded adult to make the story any more serious. I’m beginning to have some serious problem with this show as it is drifting further and further away from my hopes. I find that the universe set-up in Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi is incredible, new, original and rich in content, yet it is explored in such a weak and childish way that it throws all those great things out of the window. I really wish the show could have a more serious approach to its universe and have a main character who isn’t as innocent as Ai.

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I can’t say the show is terrible, it is obviously beautiful and as I previously said the universe is mind blowing, but it doesn’t appeal to me. The episodic nature of the show and its approach to the universe is not something I am particularly fond of. For those reasons I will drop this show from here. I might very well keep on watching it, but I just cannot find the words or interest necessary to blog it. Some people will have better luck with that than me.

Now into the episode and the new arc, it seems like this time around we will most likely explore the youth of the universe after taking a look at death. We saw how people died and where they lived from there and now it is time to see how the last generation are living their lives. Not only will we see the young-lings but we will also learn more about wishes and how they come to materialize in this world. After all Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi isn’t all about people not dying anymore, it is a world where every wish are granted, no matter the wish. As we saw this episode the kids had some weird new abilities ranging from really useful to completely pointless stuff. I mean “seeing” stuff when you are blind is pretty cool, same goes to super human strength, but being able to eat anything or having a third personality seems a bit…weird. I sure wouldn’t want them to become X-men and let just keep it at that. I am interested in the current arc just because somehow, somewhat, it might just give Ai a purpose in life and a direction for the future, I feel like this is the biggest thing the show is missing right now…direction. I feel like I’m watching an adventure in an incredible world by the eye of a stupid kid who doesn’t know where she is going. I want a goal, and something a bit more concrete than “saving the world”. It doesn’t mean much if you haven’t defined what it was to be saved from to begin with.

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As this will be my last post for Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi I just want to stress that I don’t believe the show is bad, it is simply not made for me and I am certain that some individual will fall in love with it and be able to completely appreciate it.

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