Kamisama no Memo-chou episode 7: Under the lies


Narumi wants to learn the truth about what happened between Renji and Fourth, but the truth might be even worse than the current lies.



The lies are slowly fading and the truth is starting to appear. But will it dawn in time or will it be too late? Trouble is already on its way, there is not much time left.


The boss of a group had an adventure with Hison and she was pregnant, the wife of the boss was angry and decided to kill the child and she killed Hison in the process. For some reason the Fourth was chosen to hide the truth and it got him in trouble with Renji. This is the truth that was gathered so far.


But there are still many elements missing, but I guess we won’t know about those until next episode. Still, it is a good progression from the nothing we knew before. But now it seems that Renji has made his move and the Fourth got attacked. Will Narumi be able to make the two of them meet and reunite in time? or will a bloodbath occur and important character will die? After all, Alice is a speaker of the dead, everywhere she goes, people die.

In the beginning Renji looked like a good guy, yes he was really impulsive, but he seemed like an honest dude. But as it turns out he is just as fucked as anyone else that lives in violence.  He told Narumi that he would kill him next time they meet and he wants to personally destroy Fourth for what he did. Is it because of a deep hatred that he acts that way? or has he simply lost the will to live and vengeance is the only thing left for him? He is said to have a lot of dept, he is really strong, but it really feel as if the guy has no reason to live anymore and he just wants to ends the business of his past before quitting. After all he is fucked in every single way, he already tried starting a new life elsewhere but it didn’t work out. He is but a man without a purpose.


Hiding scars with a butterfly tattoo, isn't a tattoo just another scar?

And what about Fourth? Why would he hide the truth to that extend? He was paid to keep his mouth shut, but he lost two of his best friends. Hison died and Renji hated him for it. He was able to make a new life even still, but he holds a terrible burden everyday. He can’t forget the past and maybe he can’t forgive himself, now if Alice and Narumi succeed, he will finally lose such a burden, but will they succeed? or will the Fourth be crushed by his heavy past?



This show is going well, the plot is interesting and well done and the characters are really fun to watch. While I was afraid that this show would turn into some kid and simple plot, it didn’t failed to amaze me with an interesting and complicated story. I hope it continues this way.


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