Kamisama no Memo-chou [First Impression]

Here is the new detective show of the season, Kamisama No Memochou ! Let’s Join the NEET and uncover the truth of the dead.


Gosick just ended and we are now presented with a new detective show to replace it. But this is not another gosick, things here are not beautiful and you better not expect for a disney show to happen. The show start with this 2 episodes special and we are presented with the first case to kick things off and to learn about everyone in the team. There is so much going on!


First of all there is all the characters.

We have our main characters without much of a personality, the energetic girl that bring her into trouble, the angry shop manager, the gigolo, the university student that is a military maniac, the bum, the curiously self important and childish grand hacker and a yakuza boss.


Make her hair blond and she is Victorique

That’s not even all the character we were presented, but they will most likely be the recurring one. That’s a nice set of different personality to please everyone. Alice really makes me thing of Victorique in so many ways. She is extremely intelligent and self-important, she locks herself in an insolated “shrine” and she is so childish when it comes to inter-personal relationship. Also with her young look and her long hair, she really looks just like the original.


The first case really tells us the kind of case that will be solved. In Gosick blood and terrible murder were involved, but it was all still quite “clean” and “high level” crime. It had a lot of nobility. Meanwhile in Kamisama no Memo-chou the first case involves prostitution, pedophilia and suicide. It feels like a more dark and down to earth kind of story.  I would expect gruesome and morally ambiguous case to show up sooner or later.


This looks interesting

While the case had a really dark feel, the ambiance around the NEETs was quite different, they were always cheerful and playfull. Never have them seemed worried or in trouble. It feels like they are playing a child’s game and they are just having fun. I really wonder what world will engulf the other, will the story stay lighthearted around the dark crime, or will the darkness slowly corrupt and sadden the friendly team?


Either way this show certainly looks promising, but as with any detective show, things can quickly become really repetitive. Time will tell if they can pull of a good story without falling into an endless loop of small case. What I also fear with this show is that it will stay childish for too long. It is okay to start with a nice group of friendly people who are having fun, but for the show to be interesting, sad things, bad things needs to happen. I expect some dramatic change in the optimisism of each character, while some romance will most likely be involved at some point, I don’t expect it to be an easy romance, I want to see death and sadness. Every good moment needs is sad counter part.


I love it when half-naked girls falls from the sky

For the case itself in the show. It was really interesting to see such intelligence put into the case. You had this girl who had too much pressure in her life and committed suicide. This is far too common in current society, it is the reality of our world. But it was interesting to see it in an anime. Shouko was living two lives, one where she was an idol and the perfect student, a live she was living for everyone but herself and then there was her other life, the one with Satoshi, where she was no one and tainted, but she was herself. It is a constant struggle for most, to find a place in this world to stop living for the happiness of everyone around and do things the way you want them to be. Shouko was unable to reconciled her two lifes, so she decided to end them both. But not before trying to make the world understand who she really was in the end.


So will I watch this anime? Certainly! Will I blog it? Hell ya. I hope you are ready to follow this anime and see if it will become a masterpiece…or a piece of shit. Only time will tell, but it sure is starting strong!


Possibility of Blogging: YES
Possibility of Watching:  YES


ZeroG signing off

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