Kampfer fur die Liebe Episode 2: More Boobies! Oh, and a Tiny Bit of Plot.

Alright. So, this lovely episode that is obviously going to cover much plot *AHEMAHEM* starts off with Akane and Mikoto both in the bath, taking their sweet time and almost showing off boobs and the rest well, I should be used to it by now. Meanwhile, Shizuku takes advantage of this by jumping Senou with the intention of going much farther than just a simple  hug.

Akane, however, SENSES THIS! She goes out of the bath, sees the *AHEM* R-18+ scene involving 2 girls doing dirty things and everything ends up being a huge yuri bitchfight involving boob fondling and everything else you know, sometimes I wonder where the hell Senou’s brain is… Then again, if he continues to look like an idiot it looks like he keeps getting more, so...

*ahem* right. Plot. I see it. Heck, I'm sure the masculine gent can see the plot much more than me. *ahem*

Anyways, the next day everyone goes to school, and since Sakura is the enemy everyone backs off when she shows up, as happy-go-lucky as she used to be, as though nothing had happened. With this, Shizuku invokes “the kampfer council” and discuss as to what they think of her. They come to the conclusion that there might be a second Sakura inside the first one, and decide that they will observe her behaviour in the next few days. Senou, on the side, is excluded from all discussion since he is too busy fangirling over Sakura to do anything idiot.

Next comes some intense girls-making-out scene, and in the end it causes Mikoto to follow the White kampfer and to be hypnotized by a tsundere penguin. Meanwhile, Senou gets to “have a talk” with Sakura who’s gone evil once more, and in the end it turns out into another fanservice scene, except this time there’s an excuse because plot is actually involved riiiiiiight. In the end, Mikoto is “forced” to sleep with Senou, then interrupted by Akane, and there’s a huge badass fight where Shizuku uses the Super Special Technique Up Mikoto’s Ass and where everyone owns Sakura’s face once more.



Alright, so I guess I was wrong. There is a little bit of plot involved in this. Very very very very little, but there is plot.

Anyways… Seems like there’s a new theory about Sakura, she was in fact possessed by the moderators, that makes us think that next episode they will try and manage to save her and turn her back to normal. There’s also a new menace, apparently the moderators will try and control many more kampfers, this time Mikoto was almost taken away for good.But whatever, let’s forget about the plot for now. Why? Because I have nothing else to say about it, that’s basically the only amount of plot we got. The rest was yuri fanservice, plain and simple, and is it me or do the fanservice scenes become more intense as the episodes go on? Anyways, all I want to say is that I’m kinda wondering how the hell I managed to finish watching this when there’s just so much almostsex and fanservice. Heck, the producers even included it in the plot, which makes everything look really weird since everything is all about having sex with Senou, either as a guy or a girl apparently this show couldn’t care less about the main character’s sex.

Talking about Senou, that guy is either incredibly stupid or incredibly smart. From the looks of it, he doesn’t seem to realize how much everyone is all over him, but you know what, my guess is that he does realize and just kinda takes advantage of it all… I mean, come on, he can’t be that stupid, when it’s gone to the point that he sees freakin’ boobies everyday!

Oh well. There’s just one episode of this left, we’ll see how it turns out. To be honest, this episode didn’t interest me all that much, except maybe for the finger-up-the-ass technique which was hilarious and the badass battle against Sakura in the end.

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