Karneval episode 1 [First Impression]: Welcome to the Circus

super power

Karneval seems to be a very fantasist and exciting bishoujo, but unfortunately I’m a guy. The show seemed quite intriguing with his circus theme and beautiful magician CEO of a circus, but overall it had little appeal for a guy like me. The show is obviously aimed at girl who can go around and fangirl about the characters and then write yaoi romance doujin after the show is over. I can already see the army of yaoi doujin of this show populating the internet. It seems like shows like Karneval are made for that purpose and that purpose only.


For the show itself, the main character is an absolutely piece of crap, he reminds me of a perfect copy of the main character of Project-K, a show which was a complete failure in term of story. The character is profoundly dumb, dense and oblivious to the world. It really is no fun to run around in a universe when you are stuck to the hide of an oblivious and obnoxious character. I know that some girl love their man stupid and innocent, but there is a limit to how innocent someone can be before it is just ridiculous.

crazy lady

Meanwhile most of the other characters looks really interesting. When a perverted rich woman turn into a monster who eats her own guard, I call that interesting. I must admit that I had no real clue what was going on in this episode, we barely managed to learn anything about the universe, the only thing we know so far is that magic and monsters exist and our main character is in some kind of deep shit that he has no way of understanding.


One thing that extremely bugs me in this show is how unrealistic everything is. I’m not talking about the flying magician or the monster-woman here, but I’m talking about the physics. You can’t just jump on top of a train and somehow grip it that way. I don’t care if you are a ninja with smoke bomb, unless you are spider-man, you won’t make it without tools. Another thing is when the little girl dodge the bullet. It is really awesome that she is a badass and she is able to dodge bullet, but those bullet should have shot the guys behind her instead, killing them in the process, yet the bullet just disappeared after missing her. Those kind of stupid inconsistencies are the reason why I won’t ever watch this show, it would grind on my nerve too much.

dodging bullet

I’ll leave this show to people who actually enjoy bishoujo and I’ll spend my time covering and watching something a bit more intelligent instead.

ZeroGhj signing off

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