Katte ni Kaizou OVA 1: Don't Ask.

Prepare to be introduced to the world of dicks and naked men. And a couple of naked ladies, too. But mostly naked men O_O. Please note: I couldn’t bring myself to take more screencaps than what was necessary… o.o

Katte ni Kaizou
Type: OVA
Genre: Action, Comedy, Parody, School, Sci-Fi, Shounen
Animation Company: Shaft
Number of Episodes: 3
Status: Airing

This first episode of the series begins with an explanation of the show’s premise, which consists of Kaizou, a high school boy, who believes that he was once abducted and then revived into a cyborg, and was now fighting the dark forces. That is what he believes; I have my doubts as to the truthness of his statement you know, not that it’s kinda hard to believe, but...

Afterwards, the story really starts off If I can call it a “story”. Kaizou is at school, and with his friends he notices a ton of poems that are written about anywhere on all of his friends! They start thinking “there has to be a culprit, now come to think of it there are lots of random poems hanging around…” and suddenly look at that! The Poem Squad appears. Or should I say, the Porn Squad appears.

Don't ask.

Anyways… With this, Kaizou and his friends chase them around, we get nostalgic Cinderella flashbacks don’t ask, then the Poet Squad threatens to kill goldfish living in their pee seriously, don’t ask and in the end, the boss gets an erection from seeing pictures of a naked lady and HE GETS DEFEATED!!!

*pauses*Alright. You know what, I think I’ll stop it there. Just in case. Just in case my brain completely explodes at the retardedness of this when I watch the rest of the episode O_____o. Everything is so incredibly stupid, and nothing, literally nothing, makes sense. It is, however, incredibly hilarious, and the perverted jokes are ridiculous but incredibly funny. Man, you gotta love Japanese shows and their weirdness! But let’s keep watching this.

*plays*The Boss gets another urine bottle, shoves his penis in, puts a boat in the bottle and then brags about it I thought I mentioned already “don’t ask”, and then gets defeated in an explosion that was caused by the gas stored in the urine bottle! ………WTF?!

*pauses* WTFFFFFFF?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THIS IS SO UTTERLY RETARDED!!!!!!! Ok, I’m over it. Kinda. NOT AT ALL!!!!!

*plays* We learn of Kaizou’s fantasies, as he grew older and older.Then, we learn that the class representative has been fantasized on! Kaizou calls blasphemy Yeah, because you’re obviously much better, then after some chase finally finds the pervert hey look, another naked man and we learn that Kaizou was the founder of the pervert organization, T.H.R.O.B.!!!!!!! Oh dear. Our main character’s a perv who believes in UFOs and likes chasing around naked men. Something tells me there’s a couple of wrongs in this premise...

The rest of the episode consists of Chitan the loserwho tries to prove himself and fails miserably 20 times over as him and Kaizou swim, and finally A GIRL’S SWIMSUIT IS RIPPED OFF! Oh but wait, the episode ends.

Yes, it's exactly what you think.


Uhhhh… First of all, how the fuck was that an ending?

Second of all, wtf?

Third of all, WTF?!?!?!?! I know I said not to ask, but I seriously can’t help it.

I don’t get it… But this is SO HILARIOUS! Don’t expect me to be blogging this any more, because I know I’ll get bored off blogging nothing, but I’m definitely watching the rest of this. You gotta love retarded animes, because they’re seriously incomparable to anything else and literally define the word “retarded”.

To be honest, I expected some weird crappy show when I started watching this, and I seriously didn’t think it would be a complete nonsensical comedy. Thank you, Kaizou, for having made my day.

So, basically, as my first impression: WATCH THIS! That is, if you can stand:

1)Perverted jokes involving dicks

2) Naked men

3) Lack of realistic content

4) Not asking yourself any questions. Whatever it is, DON’T ASK. Just laugh.

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